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Sandvik Mining introduces new narrow-vein development drill


Sandvik Mining has introduced the new DD211 underground hard rock mining development drill for narrow-vein applications, featuring safety upgrades and more automation for increased production.

A single-boom electro-hydraulic drill rig, DD211 is designed for development drilling, specifically in tight tunnels and curves with radii as little as 2.5 m.

According to Johannes Välivaara, Product Manager, Underground Development Drills at Sandvik Mining, DD211 has been developed primarily for Latin America, North America and CIS markets and has the same key safety and productivity features as the rest of the company’s range of drill rigs.

“A major feature of this new rig is Sandvik electro-hydraulic controls, designed to enable accurate drilling performance in a wide range of rock conditions, ensuring efficient control across a variety of operations,” Välivaara said. “Drilling power is provided through our proven RD314 rock drill, ensuring not only improved drilling performance and precision, but also reduced drill steel consumption.”

Välivaara said that as standard, DD211 is supplied with a Sandvik SB20 boom, providing maximum coverage up to 26 sq m. Optionally, it can be fitted with the innovative new Sandvik SB20NV boom, incorporating a CFX 6/12 telescopic feed, and designed for applications where high levels of maneuverability are required when drilling up-holes and cross-cuts in narrow space environments.

“The carrier has been designed for 2.5 m by 2.5 m tunnels, providing fast tramming and precise steering functions,” Välivaara said. “At the same time, its turning radius has been reduced to just 2.5 m, enabling the rig to negotiate tight curves.”

Drilling is controlled through the Sandvik THC561 electro-hydraulic control, incorporating constant speed drilling controls, stop-and-return automatics and air-mist flushing with rock drill return.

“DD211 incorporates the highest levels of safety, including a fully ROPS/FOPS-compliant canopy, upgraded braking systems, automatic fire suppression and indicator lights for both front and rear jacks,” Välivaara said. “Operator comfort has been further improved through the use of a more ergonomically designed seat, including the ability to turn the seat for drilling, and low-effort joystick controls.”

For further information contact:
Johannes Välivaara
Product Manager, Underground Development Drills
Sandvik Mining

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