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Cat's new MD6250 blasthole drill takes on elevation, temperature, rock extremes


The new Cat MD6250 is built to drill in a variety of conditions, including high elevations, arctic and 100-plus temperatures, and soft and hard rock.

The blasthole drill comes equipped with automated operation features for accuracy and efficiency in heavy construction operations. It also meets emissions standards for any region in the world and over 30 ISO standards, the company says.

Drilling can occur at elevations as high as 15,000 feet. Standard temperature operations range from 32 to 125 degrees. An optional arctic package allows operations in temperatures of 40 degrees below zero.

The MD6250 drills holes 6 to 9 inches in diameter. Single-pass hole depth is 36.7 and 44.6 feet, and multi-pass hole depths can reach 176.7 feet and 124.6 feet, depending on the mast drill used.

It also features angle drilling up to 30 degrees in 5-degree increments, and it can climb up to 26-degree grades to get to the bench.

The drill is powered by an 879-horsepower Cat C27 ACERT engine that can be configured to meet emissions regulations throughout the world. Variable air volume cuts engine load in half. Engine and air intake filters have 500-hour service intervals.

Cat’s Product Link telematics provides reports and mapping to improve fleet management. Auto-drill assist, semiautonomous drilling of single rows and fully autonomous drilling for multi-rows are also available.

The cab floor spans 32.4 square feet. Rubber shock-mounts absorb mechanical vibration. It is also equipped with heating and air conditioning, joystick controls and dual 10-inch color touch screens. Seats recline, tilt and have lumbar support. They are available in fabric or a leather power seat with heat and ventilation.

A camera is mounted on the mast for full view of the pipe carousel/top drive operation, and cameras are on the front and left sides of the drill for 360-degree views from the operator’s seat. The cab also has a full-length window for a view of the drill deck, and large windows surround the operator.



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