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World"s biggest copper producer chooses Wassara™ for precision and work environment

The world"s biggest copper producer, Chilean mining company Codelco, is using Wassara for so-called preconditioning.


115 m-long upward holes with a diameter of 149 mm are drilled, and the rock is then fractured using high-pressure water, or by blasting.

The main advantage of the Wassara system is its ability to drill long, straight holes. The technology also enables a markedly improved work environment, with less drill dust and no oil mist.

The contractor, HRI, has modified a Tamrock Solo 606 rig. CMS has supplied feed cylinders and rod breakers. The rotation unit is from Atlas Copco, while Uraca supplied the high-pressure pump.

The implementation of Wassara at Codelco was made possible thanks to assistance provided by Gerencia Corporativa de Proyecto Minería Subterránea.

Result: Wassara is considered to have major potential, since the mine intends to drill even longer holes for preconditioning.

Hammer               Wassara W100
Bit                        Wassara 149 mm
Pump                   Uraca, 130 kW electric motor, 205 bar & 346 liters/min
Drilling fluid          Clean water
Drill pipe              102 mm OD with check valves
Rig                       Modified Tamrock Solo 606
Formation            Copper ore

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