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Volvo Tipper Fuelwatch III edition - the competition just got tougher


Fuelwatch Competition is conducted every year to encourage good driving practices that can ensure increased profitability and also sensitize the drivers on fuel efficiency & safe driving and thereby saving cost.
Select drivers from Volvo's key customers after rigorous evaluations get a chance to participate in the competition. The competition is the ultimate test for Volvo drivers to achieve highest fuel-efficiency in the real life driving conditions for the off-road applications. The competition is organized by Volvo Trucks to bring out the importance of the skills of a driver that play a critical role in driving high performance Volvo Tippers to achieve higher efficiency and productivity, which results in better profitability for fleet operators and eventually creates a huge positive impact on the environment with reduced emissions.

Mr. Brijesh, driver from National Construction Company, Korba, was adjudged as the winner followed by Mr. Ranjit of B K B Transport, Dhanbadas the first runner-up and Mr.Kuldeep of KPCL, Nellore as the second runner-up.

Difference in fuel consumption between the highest and lowest fuel efficient driver this year was a whopping 47% which emphasizes the point that "a good driver can make a lot of difference".

The winner now moves on to compete in the Volvo's Asia Fuel Watch Competition held overseas.

Volvo Truck's Driver Training Centre (DTC) pioneered the driver training in India has till date trained over 32,000 drivers and continues to offer varied programs to enhance the driver's skills and related aspects of safety and social awareness, and thereby improving the quality of drivers.

About Volvo Trucks India:
Volvo Trucks in India is a business area of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Joint Venture). Its product range includes the FM & FMX range of Tippers and FM range of Rigid Trucks for special application e.g. Fire Tenders, Sky lifts, Boom Pumps, Concrete Mixers and the FM/FH range of Tractors in different configurations. Volvo FM Tractor series has applications petroleum & chemicals, bulk cargo, construction and even special cargo. The FH series is used in long-haulage ODC (over-dimension cargo) transport applications.

For further information on Fuelwatch, please contact: Anand Shouche, Competence Development Phone: +91 96633 14250, e-mail:

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