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Smith Bits Introduces New PDC Drillbit Family for Russia

Viking Bits family exclusively designed to meet unique challenges of Russian land market


Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, today announced the availability of the new Viking Bits family of drill bits. These polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) products feature a cutting structure that enables the bit to drill efficiently at both low torque and low hydraulic power.

“Traditional PDC bits do not perform well in many Russian land drilling applications because of low hydraulic and mechanical energy at the bit,” said Guy Arrington, president, Bits & Advanced Technologies, Schlumberger. “The Viking Bits family overcomes these challenges and improves performance with changes in the bit design.

The Viking Bits family of drill bits is designed based on knowledge of lithology and drilling experience in Russia. The bits are manufactured in Russia, Italy and Norway from premium materials, and are available in either steel or matrix bodies.

To date, the Viking Bits family has drilled more than 200,000 meters in multiple Russian land basins. In one Eastern Siberia field, Viking Bits have increased average rates of penetration by 25%, compared to nearby offset wells with similar profiles. In addition, individual run length was extended, reducing the number of overall bit trips.

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