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Doosan and Korea Western Power Co. Sign Technology Cooperation Agreement

Two companies to collaborate in seven key areas, including R&D, technology information sharing, and overseas market development


President Keysun Han (right) of Doosan Heavy Industries poses for a photo with President Moon Duk Kim of Korea Western Power Co. at the signing ceremony for the technology cooperation agreement between Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Korea Western Power Co., held at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on October 31.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) and Korea Western Power Co. (President Moon Duk Kim) signed a technology cooperation agreement to expand their technological capacity and overseas markets in the power business.

Combining Korea Western Power Co’s facility operational capacity and Doosan’s design and manufacturing capabilities, the new alliance will provide more value to customers in the power business. The agreement focuses on seven key areas, including core technology development, aged power facilities’ O&M technology, and overseas market penetration.

The two companies will create a joint committee to successfully work together on the projects and will conduct periodic meetings comprised of some ten hands-on team leads.

The agreement for technological cooperation will enable Doosan and Korea Western Power Co. to develop new power technologies with higher levels of equipment interoperability, which will enable them to maintain their leadership role in the domestic power market and also catalyze their advance into the overseas markets.

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