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Construction of tube well /Bore well in Creek land and back water land to avoid intrusion salinity by proper cement ceiling and long casing

Introduction: Creek is happened due to sea water intrusion continuously in narrow inlet of sea coastal area and up to orifice of creek where cultivation can not be done due to sea water intrusion continuously and we can call it as “WASTELAND:.

Sea Back Water:  When sea water rises while cyclone/tsunami the sea water will fill up in adjoined bond and not return to sea and we can call it as “sea back water”. The coconut trees which are needed some salt will grow in this condition and fishes live in this condition.

To avoid salinity: in both cases, long casing are needed with cement ceiling so that intrusion of salinity can be arrested.

When compare to creek land, the salinity somewhat less in sea back water which has been prooved by following different case studies.

In order to avoid creek, the origin of creek should be stopped by construction wall concrete where ever cultivation / agriculture development are needed.

Different case studies in order to avoid / arrest salinity.
One tube well had been constructed by Russian Rig in creek land CHANDVALI, Bhadrak (BBSR) where cement ceiling could not be done due to 200 mtr. full of salinity, another one well constructed by NGRI Rig which consist of 400 mtr and discharge 25 LPS for drinking water. In which the cement ceiling have been done below 200 mtrs. From the point of view. The salinity has been affected up to deep ground water.

One bore well 200 meters constructed at Quilandi, Calicat (East) Kerala, in which over burden casing up to 27 meters have been done along with cement ceiling is discharge 14.5 LPS for drinking purpose. From this point of view, we can understand that creek area have been effected by salinity in deep than sea back water.

1. Salinity will effect in creek than sea back water.

2. In back water, we can cultivate plantation like coconut trees due to less salinity which is needed
    for coconut trees.

3. In creek, the salinity will effect in deep water (Ground water) due to continuous flow of sea
    water intrusion.

4. Salinity will affect more in Alluvium than hard rock terrain due to loose formation.

5. Wherever creek, we can grow/cultivate plantation by changing soil formation so that the
    cyclone/tsunami effect can be avoided in future. In sea back water, coconut trees can be planted
     in order to avoid soil erosion.
1. Sea water intrusion is continuously in creek that is why, salinity will increase and also spoiled
    adjourned Ground Water.

2. In case of sea back water, the sea water intrusion occurred only when cyclonic effect/tsunami, the
    sea water entire in bond which will not return back to sea is called sea back water.

3. The salinity is high in creek than sea back water that is why, the agriculture development can not
    be done in creek. Whereas, in sea back water consist of surface water which is less salinity in order
    to avoid creek, one concrete wall can be constructed and creek can be filled up by soil for cultivation
    and soil erosion can be avoided by plantation of coconut trees and social forest whereas, in sea
    back water, we can plant coconut trees and grow fish.
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