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Compressed Air Australia - Compressed Air Products and Nutrient Treatments


EXAIR Safety Air Guns reduce air consumption, are comfortable, durable, and provide a forceful blast of air.

Compressed Air Australia is an Australian owned company established in 2004 and is a leading distributor of:
• EXAIR - compressed air products that blowoff, vacuum, cool, vent, dry, convey and neutralise static
• PIPETITE - hole-sealing technology for pipes, tubes and cables
• N-FIX - biological nutrients that eliminate deposits in pipes and wells, and restore damaged soils
• SABROLL - biological nutrients for lush garden plants, wastewater treatment and septic control

Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions that solve problems in industrial plants throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. We supply the Food, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Mining, Agricultural, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Electronics/Engineering sectors, and Commercial Facilities with innovative problem-solving products.

Superior compressed air products
The products we offer are from the leading manufacturers and are of extremely high quality. They have been developed in response to what our customers ask for.

Our wide range of EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® products is designed to maximise the efficiency of your compressed air resources as well as reduce noise levels and reduce air consumption, thereby helping to reduce your production costs. Our Ultrasonic Leak Detector, EFC Electronic Flow Control for compressed air and Digital Flow Meter are money-saving and energy-conserving tools that can save your company tens of thousands of dollars. The Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual published by the Compressed Air Challenge recommends Intelligent Compressed Air® products like the Super Air Knife, Super Air Amplifier and the family of Super Air Nozzles for energy conservation. EXAIR products meet OSHA safety requirements and are CE compliant.

PIPETITE® sealing technology for use in wall and ceiling penetrations can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the pipe. Incorporating self-sealing lips that provide flexibility and eliminate the need to silicone the joint during installation, PIPETITE's are manufactured from FDA certified hygienic white silicone and can be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters, including pneumatic tube and electrical cable.

N-FIX Biological Inline Bore Treatment rapidly eliminates iron bacteria by biological oxidization, improves water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen downstream and negates the need for acid based products that cause corrosion and erosion to pumps, pipes and potentially contaminate groundwater. It solves inline deposit problems, optimises pump capacity and reduces the need for heavy duty maintenance. N-FIX Soil Nutrient Concentrate is designed to rectify the damage sustained by our soils with the introduction of modern chemicals and practices. Ideal for landscaped areas, trees and turf, it acts as a key that immediately releases the nutrients stored in microbial biomass for plant use.

SABROLL Leaf Nutrient Concentrate contains micronutrients in pure organic form that stimulate plant growth and protect plants from disease and pest attack. It assures healthy, sustained growth with flush new regrowth and optimum bloom for all your garden foliage, from ornamentals, tropical flowers, orchids, Australian natives, citrus trees, vegetables and herbs, to indoor plants and turf. SABROLL Septic Control eliminates odours and rapidly breaks down waste in septic systems. Suitable for use in wastewater plants, it controls odour by banishing volatile organic acids and decreases turbidity resulting in clear, safe water.

Why buy from us?
We operate our business with core principles that can be attributed to our success. We offer you:
• Fast delivery
• Easy ordering
• Total support
• 100% satisfaction guarantee

We do our best to get your order out quickly. To help you get what you need now, we stock significant amounts of inventory on site. If there happens to be something we don't have in stock, we will get it for you in a timely manner.

We also buy in large volume and expect fast shipment from our suppliers. That further ensures our ability to respond to you in real-time. Our robust inventory control system and operations infrastructure provide added advantages.

You'll be totally supported!
When you need our help, we'll be there to support you. Our sales and support reps are extensively trained. They're equipped to recommend the best solutions for your unique situation, every time.

After the sale, our technical support staff will be glad to help you with additional phone and email support regarding the installation, system add-ons, accessories, and more. This support is free (of course)!
Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd
GPO Box 2792
Northen Territory
Tel: +61 8 8983 3999
Fax: +61 8 8983 3900



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