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The new Volvo FMX cab: Revolutionary strength and comfort even when the going gets tough


Volvo Trucks' designers and engineers have literally reinforced the original model's robust, self-assured image.
The new Volvo FMX has a cab made of high-tensile steel, which has been tested according to the world's most stringent safety norms in order to ensure the safest working environment possible. All components in the front structure have been redesigned in order to boost robustness and durability.
"The new FMX bases its personality on its honest, capable image. What you see is exactly what you get. A fully equipped tool, one hundred percent ready for hard work. This construction truck is like a genuine action hero - it just looks better and better after it's been hard at work," says Design Director Rikard Orell.

Superior visibility

The cab's low position relative to the chassis offers a convenient entry and exit as well as a superior close-up visibility. This reduces the risk of vehicle damage and improves safety for people working in close proximity of the truck.

Just as on the Volvo FH and FM, Volvo's classic iron mark has been moved up to a new position below the windscreen. On the construction truck the iron mark is even larger and the diagonal bar is thicker and colour-coded to match the black background. A practical handle is integrated into the grille design.

Production of the new Volvo FMX for European customers starts in September 2013. See the film about the new construction truck on Volvo Trucks You Tube.

Sturdier details
A couple of examples that boost the cab's strength and robustness still further:

• The bumper has a more muscular design. It is a three-piece unit, with the upturned middle section
   flanked by two separate, robust corners that are made of 3 mm thick steel. The middle section,
   which double up as a handy step, is made by elastic, non-cracking material that handles
   low-speed impacts better than the previous solution.
• Above the bumper there is a towing eye made of cast iron, designed to handle a massive 32 tonnes.
• The redesigned headlamps with their distinctive, angled lines are made even sturdier and offer
   enhanced light performance. Their design emphasises the family connections with other new Volvo trucks.

"Servicing has been made easier thanks to the fact that all the headlamp functions as well as the indicators and the sharply raked daytime running lights are built into the same housing. Both main and dipped beam are better than before," says Rikard Orell. "The customer can increase lighting performance even further by specifying Bi-Xenon lights."
Improved driver position

The cab interior in the new Volvo FMX has been entirely redesigned, with the focus on giving the driver a comfortable and ergonomic workplace. The cab has more space for the driver and more storage options compared with the previous model.
The driver benefits from a better driving interface. The new seat can be tilted forward another four degrees and the backrest is 10 millimetres slimmer than before.

Steering wheel controls and angled instrument panel

The steering wheel is equipped with integrated control buttons for multiple functions, including cruise control, phone and navigation, etc. The new all-black instrument panel is now angled even further towards the driver.
"This gives the driver a well laid out, logical working environment with all the buttons, controls and functions within easy reach," says Ulf Andreasson, Product Manager Cab at Volvo Trucks.
In order to free up more legroom, the starter key has been moved up to the dashboard. Immediately to the right of the key, important features such as the large integrated information display are positioned for easy accessibility. To the right of the angled section there is a versatile module that can house various controls. The climate control is easy to use and the unit is more efficient with improved defroster functions.

Remote control via mobile application

Downloading the new mobile application "My Truck" extends the driver's possibility to survey and operate some of the truck's functions from a distance. The app includes remote start the heater as well as the possibility to check alarm, door lock and fluid level status.
For further information, please contact:
Eva Lindeberger, Volvo Trucks media relations, phone: +46 31 322 8078

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