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The new Volvo FMX: Superior handling in all conditions


The new Volvo FMX is easier to drive, at the same time as several innovations boost its efficiency and off-road capability. The driver can steer a heavily loaded truck without the slightest effort thanks to a new technology: Volvo Dynamic Steering.

"The patented Volvo Dynamic Steering system benefits all drivers, but its advantages are most noticeable when driving at low speeds. The effortless steering makes the construction truck driver's job far easier," says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

An electronically controlled electric motor attached to the steering gear is the big technological innovation. The electric motor works together with the hydraulic power steering and is regulated thousands of times per second by its electronic control unit. See the Volvo Dynamic Steering film on Volvo Trucks YouTube.

"At low speeds the electric motor replaces the driver's muscle-power. Instead, the driver can relax and steer without any effort and strain," explains Gustav Neander, project manager for Volvo Dynamic Steering.
In this way, the dynamic steering system addresses the most frequent occupational injuries suffered by commercial vehicle drivers. Another benefit is that Volvo Dynamic Steering self-centres automatically when reversing.

New rear air suspension

Most of the new chassis and driveline features in the new Volvo FMX enhance the truck's productivity.
"This is a high-priority area for our construction customers. The new air suspension is tailor made for construction work without compromises or connection to other segments," explains Peter Frleta, chassis expert at Volvo Trucks. He adds: "The rear air suspension offers considerable comfort and agility both when the truck is loaded and when it is empty."

The suspension system features automatic ride-height control and with ground clearance of 300 millimetres the result is excellent get-you-there ability. Air suspension is available with the 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 axle configurations.

Since the anti roll bar is positioned in the bogie, the vehicle gets an excellent stability. At the same time there are no unprotected suspension components behind the truck's last axle.

To create a tighter turning circle and reduced tire wear, it is possible to specify the 8x4 configuration with tridem bogie with a hydraulically steered tag axle. The tag axle can also be lifted for increased drive axle traction in difficult operating conditions

I-Shift combined with improved All Wheel Drive

The I-Shift transmission is already highly efficient when manoeuvring at low speeds and can also be combined with a driven front axle. Another new I-Shift feature is a longer oil-change interval (450,000 km).
The front wheel drive system has been further refined to deliver increased off-road capability and endurance. The driven front axle has been relocated 100 mm further forward to the same position as a non-driven front axle.
In addition to this the parallel rod has been moved up to a more protected location. The shorter front overhang means that the approach angle has increased.
Driven front axle is available in the following axle configurations: 4x4, 6x6 tractor and rigid and 8x6 rigid.

Available with 11- and 13-litre engines

The new Volvo FMX is available with a choice of 11- and 13-litre Euro 6 engines. The D13 has power outputs from 380 to 540 horsepower, while the D11 spans the range from 330 to 450 horsepower. For markets outside Europe, engines adapted for Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 will be available.

In order to meet the Euro 6 requirements, the engine has been equipped with a non-cooled EGR system for recirculation of exhaust gases. This optimises exhaust gas temperature and NOx levels for efficient after-treatment.

The particulate filter is automatically regenerated during normal driving conditions and Volvo Trucks' patented service solution for the filter saves time and reduces costs for the customer.

Production of the new Volvo FMX for European customers starts in September 2013. See the film about the new construction truck on Volvo Trucks YouTube.

For further information, please contact:
Eva Lindeberger, Volvo Trucks media relations, phone: +46 31 322 8078


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