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New NASCAR Air Titan Track Drying System Features Sullair Air Compressors


In preparation for the 2013 Daytona 500, NASCAR unveiled a new track drying system called the Air Titan. The Air Titan featured Sullair 1600HAF portable air compressors and, in the event of a rain delay, was designed to dramatically reduce track drying time when compared to jet dryers used in previous years.

Following the challenges of rain delays at the 2012 Daytona 500, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France challenged the NASCAR Research and Development Team to deliver a new track drying system that would ultimately reduce the drying time by as much as 80%—from 2½ hours to around 30 minutes. To accomplish this NASCAR pursued alternative technologies to the jet drying system. NASCAR’s R&D Group was up for the challenge and contacted Ring Power Corporation, a Sullair distributor and a Caterpillar dealer located in St. Augustine, Florida to pursue the possibilities of using compressed air. In just six months, starting in August 2012 with the February 2013 Daytona 500 date in site, the NASCAR Team and Ring Power worked together on a solution that that not only reduced drying time to around 30 minutes, but was much more energy efficient. Jerry Kaproth, Special Projects Coordinator for NASCAR was very pleased with the results from the NASCAR R&D team and the professional support he received from both Ring Power and Sullair. Jerry emphasized the advantage of the new Air Titan is twofold, “one, it dries at a much faster rate than the jet dryers, and two, it’s a lot more energy efficient than utilizing the jet dryers.” Regarding the difference in fuel consumption, he went on to state “we figured that the ratio of the compressors compared to the jet dryers is about 9 to 1 in our favor now.”

The system includes three side-by-side Air Titans, each enclosed in a six foot cart and towed behind a truck. The Air Titans are connected by a three inch air hose to three Sullair 1600HAF high pressure air compressors positioned on a flatbed truck that follows alongside the truck that is towing the Air Titans. Each Air Titan has a long, thin air nozzle that delivers high pressure air to the wet racetrack, forcing the water down to the apron where it is vacuumed up by another truck.

When asked about working with Ring Power and Sullair on the Air Titan project Jerry stated, “both organizations were extremely professional. Ring Power has been reliable, innovative, and responsive, as they met every challenge. Sullair provided a wonderful piece of equipment and provided professional support to us as well.” Jerry believes that, “this system, in some form or fashion, could be utilized at every Cup event for NASCAR. But along with the Cup events, we also have an opportunity to look at other racing series.” Whether the Air Titan is needed to dry the race track or not, the equipment is always there, ready to meet the challenge. Truly an innovative application for compressed air and Sullair was there!
Headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, Sullair is a leading manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors, and is the only air compressor manufacturer to concentrate exclusively on rotary screw technology. Sullair has been an industry leader and innovator since 1965. With subsidiaries in China and Australia, Sullair is recognized as a global manufacturer of stationary and portable air compressors, air treatment equipment, vacuum systems, and contractors' air tools.

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