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HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR - Hydraulic Systems and Components for Mining and Drilling Machinery


Planetary winches for lifting and pulling, with fast forward or free-fall function.

For more than 30 years, HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR has been a specialised supplier of hydraulic components for drilling and mining machinery, including both new and replacement parts.
HK's product line-up focuses on hydraulic equipment used in mobile applications. The main work of our engineers is to design components for hydraulic systems and power packs and handle spare parts for repairs. The company also provides repairs for axial and radial piston pumps and motors from every major European manufacturer.

German-manufactured mobile valves and power units

Variable axial piston pumps: open or closed loop with different controls.
HK's main plant is located near Hamburg, Germany, while it also has a production line for mobile valves and power units in Unterbreizbach near Kassel, Germany. HK works together with HK HYDRAULIKA-SILOWA Polska, a company based near Stettin, Poland.

Inclinometers can be used for measurement of vibration and any angles of tilt. These inclinometers can be highly sensitive and can be a simple safety device to be used down in the mines. Inclinometers can signal rock shifts and movements in the surrounding earth. Inclinometers can also be useful on civil engineering machinery, which is at the heart of any mining work.

Vibrations can also be measured using accelerometers, and there are accelerometers with large shock and vibration capacities that are used especially for this purpose.

Laser distance sensors and laser displacement sensors

The AR4000 laser rangefinder, a laser distance sensor, has been used quite recently for tunnel / shaft profiling in mining works. The laser rangefinder is used in conjunction with a precise spinning mirror assembly to provide a 360° profile of the mine shaft. The accompanying software is easy to use and allows for visual as well as numerical representations of the profile.

Laser displacement sensors have also been used to determine the sag in mining conveyor belts. The amount of sag is a measure of the ore on the conveyor belt. Together with a logger with date and time-stamped data, it becomes a neat solution for monitoring the loading of the conveyor belt.

Pressure transducers and handheld manometers

Load cells can be used for any weighing or force measurements and draw wire sensors can be used as a contact method of measuring displacement; in addition, Bestech offers a variety of submersible measuring equipment, including submersible LVDTs.

A large range of pressure sensors are offered, which are widely used in mining applications. Applications for these pressure transducers can include the measurement of drafts in the mine. There is also a range of general manometers with excellent specifications; Bestech can offer handheld manometers with good accuracy, and these have been requested in the past for mining applications. The LEO record can also be used to record pressure and temperature over long periods with high accuracy.

Gas concentration sensors

Bestech has sensors to measure the presence and concentration of various gases, including carbon monoxide (CO), in air. In addition, it can detect any excess harmful gases in mines due to insufficient ventilation or harmful gas particles released from mining activity. This device can measure the concentration of gases such as CO2, carbon monoxide, NO2, NH3, oxygen, etc.

Explosion-proof sensors

Bestech also provides explosion-proof sensors, which is often a prerequisite in many mining applications. Various levels of environmental protection in most sensors can be provided; for example, for hazardous environments, high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc.

Load cells, draw wire sensors and submersible measuring equipment

There are many other sensors from Bestech that can be used in the mining industry. Load cells can be used for any weighing or force measurements, and very high capacities and accuracies are catered for. Draw wire sensors can also be used as a contact method of measuring displacement, and these can be low-cost and very accurate. In addition, Bestech has a variety of submersible measuring equipment, such as submersible LVDTs, for offshore mining.
Finally, signal conditioners, signal converters and data loggers for all instruments are also available, to enable the user to achieve the best possible measurement results.

Bestech Australia
(also trading as Technical & Scientific Equipment)
Unit 14, 44 Garden Boulevard
Dingley, VIC 3172
Contact: Sam Bhasin
Tel: +61 3 9540 5100
Fax: +61 3 9551 5541

Hydraulic drilling, auxiliary and customised winches

A10V axial piston pumps with a short delivery time from standard-type stock.

HK supplies Pullmaster brand (TWG/Canada) and TMA (Italy) hydraulic winches for rig drilling, and as well as crane winches and customised winches. Other hydraulic components the company supplies include pumps, motors, valves, complete power units, planetary gears, filters and coolers.

HK also supplies drive technology, including axial and radial piston pumps and motors, orbit motors and planetary gear boxes.

Fast hydraulic and power unit component delivery

Planetary gear boxes in a modular system with a huge range of variations.

The company is focused on supplying all hydraulic and power unit components within as short a time as possible, and maintains a very large stock of all its machinery.

HK supplies complete new axial piston pumps and radial piston motors (fixed or variable for open or closed-loop system) with a short delivery time, including A10V Bosch Rexroth, K3VL Kawasaki and H1C/ HCV/ SH6V Brevini.

Orbit motors for drilling heads are available from different manufacturers such as Eaton and Comer. Planetary gear boxes from manufacturer Comer Italy are assembled in a short time using a modular stock system. This modular system allows high flexibility in shafts and flanges, and a huge performance range.

Repair of axial piston motors and axial piston pumps

Customised power units.
HK is also specialised in pump repair, including repairs of all kinds of axial piston pumps and motors. The two HK facilities each have a test bench with a 250kW power supply, and a diesel engine with generator system. More than 30 years of knowledge and experience with all piston pump manufacturers enables a professional and quick repair of a wide range of pumps and motors.

Spare parts for axial piston pumps and motors

Pump repair capabilities also include the supply of spare parts for axial piston pumps and motors. This is possible in a short time because of excellent worker knowledge and good stock availability of spare parts for all series from European manufacturers, including:

  • Rexroth, Brueninghaus, Hydromatik: A10V, A4V, A6V, A2V
  • Kawasaki: K3VL, K3VG,
  • SAI: GM, BD, GD
  • Intermot: IAM, IAC, NHM, G
  • Hydrokraft: PVG, PVXS, TVXS, PVK, PVO
  • Vickers: VQ, PVH, PHQ, PVB
  • Sauer / Danfoss: SPV
  • Linde: BPV, BMF, BMV
  • Axial pump / Comer: V250 - V650
  • Eaton: Char Lynn 2000-10000 Series, H,S,T,M Series
  • Parker: PV
  • Daikin: PV 15 V38
  • Brevini / Samhydraulik: H1C, SH4V, H1V, H2V, HCV, SH5V, SH6V
  • Axial piston pumps for power packs / power units

    The engineers of HK design and construct complete customised power units to customer demands. Delivery times are short because most parts for standard power packs, up to 400l tanks with AC motors, are available from stock.
    Mini and micro power packs with gear pumps, AC or DC motors and a tank up to 15l can be built from system stock by Jtekt HPI. This modular system enables the use of a huge range of pumps, motors
    and tanks, as well as add-on valves for different functions.

    Distributor for European hydraulic component manufacturers

    HK is a distributor for most leading European manufacturers of hydraulic components, including piston and gear pumps, motors, valves, winches, gearboxes and power unit components such as tanks, filters, coolers, butterfly flanges, accumulators and hose reels.
    HK is the German distributor for leading European brands, including:

  • Kawasaki Precision Machinery
  • Staffa
  • Jtekt - Hydroperfect International (HPI)
  • Duplomatic
  • TMA
  • OMT
  • BLB
  • ASA
  • Heypac
  • Oleostar
  • The company is also a distributor for high-profile Canadian and US companies, including:

  • TWG
  • Pullmaster
  • Lantec dpwinch
  • Winches, pump and motor spare parts and repairs

    HK has experience and worldwide customers in the following fields:

  • Winches for mining and drilling machinery, for lifting and pulling functions, auxiliary winches and crane winches from the Pullmaster series (PL, H and M) and TMA winches series (TN, TMV, TME with special marine coating)
  • Winches with controlled free-fall function
  • Repairs, spare parts and new axial piston pumps and motors (all manufacturers, special: Rexroth, Hydrokraft, Eaton, Linde, Sauer - Danfoss, Vickers)
  • Power packs and hydraulic equipment for mining applications
  • For further information, see the HK website or send an enquiry using the contact form below.
    Gerlingweg 86
    D- 25335 Elmshorn / Hamburg
    Tel: +49 4121 8006 0
    Fax: +49 4121 8006 20

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