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Doosan Opens Water R&D Center in Saudi Arabia

Holds commemorative ceremony on site, attended by Minister Al-Hossein of MWE, Governor Al-Ibrahim of SWCC and President Keysun Han of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction


Participants pose for a commemorative photo at the opening ceremony held for Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s Water R&D Center at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction recently built a new Water R&D Center in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia in Dammam and held a ceremony to commemorate its opening at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

The ceremony was attended by around a hundred people, including officials from the Saudi Arabian government such as Minister Abdulah Al-Hossein of the Ministry of Water & Electricity(MWE) and Governor Abdulrahman M. Al-Ibrahim of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation(SWCC), as well as Jong-yong Kim, the Korean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Doosan Heavy officials, including President Keysun Han and Executive Vice President Seokwon Yun.

Since 2006 when Doosan opened a Water R&D center in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, the company has been actively engaged in conducting research in the Middle East.

Deciding to expand its research facilities and human resources base, the company then relocated the center to Dammam.

The new Water R&D Center, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including testing and gauging equipment, will be staffed by more than thirty Korean and non-Korean researchers and engineers, all of whom will be busily engaged in technology development.

The Dammam R&D Center will focus on the development of core water treatment technologies, including the evaporation method, reverse osmosis(RO) method, hybrid desalination method, as well as other various technologies that can be used in the recycling of water.

Seokwon Yun, head of the Water BG at Doosan, remarked, “By establishing a R&D center in Saudi Arabia, which is essentially the world’s largest desalination market, and collaborating with the SWCC, one of our major clients, on technology development, we will be able to deliver greater customer satisfaction.” He added, “Not only will we be conducting research and development on next-generation water desalination technology, but we plan to also proactively develop plant O&M projects to secure our No. 1 position in the global desalination market.”

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