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CompAir launch the all-new D-Series - 2 stage oil-free screw compressors

CompAir, with a long tradition and reputation in oil-free compressor technologies, have launched a brand new range of two-stage oil-free, rotary screw compressors to further enhance and complement their recently updated water injected DH models.

The all new 75 to 160kW air cooled D-Series with flow rates between 8.88 and 23.56 m3/min, offers air purity that meets the most stringent standards and has been certified ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) and silicone free. Demand is growing for higher quality, oil-free compressed air within industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals and electronics, where the risk of product or equipment contamination is not acceptable. The CompAir D-Series meets this demand head on.

The two-stage CompAir D-Series delivers outstanding reliability for demanding applications, state-of-the-art performance and in-depth control from its sophisticated Delcos XL controller. By continuously monitoring operational parameters the controller protects the equipment, while CompAir's own designed and developed airend lowers lifecycle costs by working at constant low temperature levels.

CompAir's use of modern inverter technology for the regulated speed models, maximises energy savings with up to 25% achievable over a comparable fixed speed unit.

Florian Brähler, CompAir's Oil-Free Product Manager comments, "Our design engineers have excelled, not only achieving the performance levels and reliability that were demanded by our customers, but also impressing with a clear and considered design that not only occupies a very small footprint, but also lowers installation and servicing costs."

The high output, two stage airend design provides 100% oil-free and near isothermal compression with high reliability thanks to constant low temperatures, allowing use in demanding applications in up to 45°C ambient temperatures.

Guaranteed efficiency is provided by the excellent WEG IE3 electric motor, along with legal conformity, high reliability and operational safety – great benefits in addition to automated motor lubrication.

The compressors utilise two efficient radial fans in accordance with ErP Efficiency Legislation 2015, offering low noise levels, low pressure loss and excellent cooling performance. The closed water circuit for airend cooling achieves a constant low temperature level, also meaning that less gearboxes are required.

Perfect control and performance
The multilingual Delcos XL touch-screen control system ensures reliable operation and reduced cost of ownership from precise monitoring of pressures, temperatures and levels. The user-friendly and intuitive panel works with a clear menu structure and has an integrated SD card for in-depth analysis of monitored parameters, and provides 'trend' diagrams to monitor network pressure, motor speed, volume flows etc.

Easy installation and easy servicing
These machines are small, with a footprint of just 4.5m2 and easy to install, given that all of the connections are on the same side. Coupled with easy ducting and perfect service accessibility, these compressors have a lower number of parts and so less to service. Even so, they all come with an 8,000 hour standard service interval and are covered by CompAir's comprehensive and free, 'Assure' warranty programme. Assure is one of the industry's most generous warranties and provides total peace of mind for up to 44,000 hours or 6 years, whichever comes soonest.

Compressed air purification
Modern production systems and processes demand increasing levels of air purity and CompAir's systems utilise the latest energy efficient technology to provide
lowest life cycle costs. Efficient separators, filters and drains alongside refrigerant and desiccant dryers, nitrogen generators and multi compressor controllers complete CompAir's attention to detail.

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