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Sandvik expands an already successful product line to include a certified rig for high risk environments

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Sandvik expands an already successful product line to include a certified rig for high risk environments

Sandvik’s DE100 series of compact core drills for surface and underground exploration applications will now include a fully ATEX certified rig, the DE130x. Its development is fully in line with Sandvik’s continuous efforts of integrating Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) features into their products, increasing safety for the end user.

The design is based on Sandvik’s highly productive and proven DE130 core drill. Its modular design together with a depth capacity of 815 m (2674 ft) N-size, a feed force of 4,7 tonnes (10 350 lbf), a pull force of 6,3 tonnes (13820 lbf), makes the DE130x a truly capable exploration drill rig.

The DE130x features a completely redesigned power unit which monitors; hydraulic oil temperature, electric motor temperature and incoming power. Intrinsic safety circuits are also included. The power unit is prepared for 400 – 1140V of incoming power and the whole drill unit is certified and designed for maximum surface temperature of +150°C (class T4).

Also, in accordance with ATEX standards in Europe, some of the parts featured on the standard DE130 have been replaced by steel parts. Additional features from the standard DE130 include an extra gauge for rod holder surveillance on the control panel, and a wire emergency stop on the feed boom for increased safety.

Mr George Tophinke, Sandvik Mining’s Global Exploration Equipment Manager, comments that, "Historically the DE100 series rigs have been very successful for Sandvik and are in operation all around the globe, now with the expanding coal markets we saw the need to expand our offering to include a certified version of these drills, also in line with the important ongoing efforts Sandvik is doing with integrating EHS issue into their products".

ATEX consists of two EU directives (one for the manufacturer and one for the user of the equipment) describing what equipment and work environment are allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere. The DE130x is a fully certified exploration drill rig for underground coal applications according to these latest ATEX standards in Europe.

George Tophinke, Global Exploration Equipment Manager
Tel: +61 (0) 7 3715 4703
Mobile: +61 (0) 400 701 207

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