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Regular water well cleaning good for water quality, well maintenance, and operating costs

Proactively cleaning water wells mostly on an annual basis is an effective strategy for maintaining good water quality, efficient well operation, and lower operating costs, said a well rehabilitation expert at the National Ground Water Association’s 2012 Expo and Annual Meeting.

Neil Mansuy of Subsurface Technologies Inc. said he has had a paradigm shift over the years in how to approach well rehabilitation to combat well clogging and associated issues.

“I’ve spent a lot of years of my career trying to hunt down and kill bacteria,” said Mansuy, explaining that he’s come to realize that it’s never going to be possible to sterilize aquifers and wells.

“Even a properly constructed well doesn’t always prevent the presence of bacteria” because bacteria is naturally occurring and therefore pervasive in the environment.

Instead, Mansuy said he now puts emphasis on regular cleaning to minimize the environment in well systems for bacterial growth that can lead to a build-up of hard-to-remove deposition of minerals and scale on well casings, well screens, and other well components.

Common problems that result from not regularly cleaning wells include:

• Clogging of well screens, which results in lower production
• Loss of efficiency, which results in more expensive water due to higher operating costs
• Deterioration of water quality
• Unsafe bacterial results.

Mansuy noted that effective treatments should penetrate several feet into the formation surrounding the well to fully address clogging issues and prevent premature reclogging of the well.

The 2012 NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting exhibit floor opens Wednesday and will also be open Thursday. Educational offerings will also continue both days with the event concluding on Friday.

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