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Spring 2014 will see the launch of Volvo Trucks’ flagship model, the Volvo FH16, in Euro 6 configuration. With a new generation of 16-litre engines, it not only conforms to strict standards for low emissions, it also meets high expectations on performance and productivity from customers in the most demanding operations.


"We are proud to have succeeded in meeting the Euro 6 requirements while at the same time retaining the best driveability and performance on the market. Fuel consumption also remains highly competitive," says Kristin Signert, Long Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks.

The new Euro 6 engine range comprises three output levels: 750 hp (3,550 Nm), 650 hp (3,150 Nm) and 550 hp (2,900 Nm). All three engines are mated to Volvo's automated transmission, I-Shift. The 550 hp version is also available in a variant with 2,800 Nm for a manual gearbox.

The Volvo FH16 is one of the industry's most powerful and distinctive trucks, highly prized by haulage firms and drivers with high demands, who appreciate its added performance, productivity and comfort. It is used, for instance, as a heavy haulage tractor, a timber hauler and on time critical long-distance operations such as food transport. The most recent version of the truck was unveiled in autumn 2012. Just over a year later it is time for the Volvo FH16 to take the step to Euro 6, producing considerably lower emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates.

Sales of the Volvo FH16 with Euro 6 engine will get under way in March 2014. Production start is planned for early June.

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