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New Vermeer directional drill has power of a maxi rig in a self-contained drill


Vermeer at Excon 2013 Bangalore

Vermeer introduced its newest addition to the Navigator family of horizontal directional drills at the 2013 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition. The D220x300 Navigator HDD has 242,100 pounds (1076.9 kN) of thrust/pullback and 30,200 foot-pounds (40,945.8 Nm) of rotational torque.

 “As energy demands continue to grow — and with increased exploration of unconventional natural gas reserves, the scope of work changes — HDD contractors require a drill that can help bridge the gap,” said Jon Heinen, Vermeer pipeline business segment manager. “With the shale play, the industry is changing and contractors need equipment that can help fulfill these changing specifications.”

 The D220x300 HDD has a high power-to-size ratio for its footprint of 37-foot (11.3 m) length and 8.5 foot (2.6 m) width. This means the versatility to perform urban utility work, as well as large pipeline installation. The drill is self-contained, with an onboard operator cabin, mud pump, optional crane and rod stager. The smaller footprint provides more efficient access to confined jobsites and less need for extraneous support equipment.

 The onboard Weatherford triplex mud pump has a maximum capacity of 330 gpm (1249.2 L/min) and provides sufficient flow of drilling fluid for large-diameter pipe pullback, and can efficiently power a mud motor for pilot bores in hard ground conditions. An optional knuckleboom crane can be mounted on either side of the drill (front base anchor) and provides easier maneuverability of drill rod or heavy tooling. A pin-able, open-top vise design allows for passage and more efficient installation of larger downhole tooling, such as non-mag collars and mud motors. The sliding vise can clamp the rod connection at various positions within a 35.4-inch (900 mm) range, allowing for recutting of drill pipe threads and accommodation of inconsistent pipe lengths. The sliding vise allows operators to position the vise for maximum efficiency when reaming or pulling product.

 The D220x300 HDD sliding-arm rod stager can stage five rods at a time, allowing for increased boring efficiency. A floating spline shaft design on the rotation gearbox minimizes the need for the drill operator to feather carriage during drill rod makeup and breakout, reducing rod and drive chuck thread wear. Adding to the smaller footprint, this drill utilizes 20-foot (6.1 m) rod instead of the longer 34-foot (10.7 m) Range II drill pipe, which is standard for a drill of this capacity. The rod is manufactured with API standard couplings, which will accommodate most common tooling in respective applications. 

 The D220x300 shares the same control platform as smaller HDD drills in the Navigator series. This allows drill operators the ability to operate a variety of drills, and will limit the time needed for new operator training when moving up from the smaller drills. A remote tracking feature provides operator and crew improved visibility of tracking and crane operation on crowded jobsites. An optional wireline tensioning system with an electric reel reduces manual labor while onsite and provides consistency in handling of wireline for improved jobsite efficiency.

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