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Dando launches a new Dando 1000 cable percussion rig


British manufacturer and designer of drilling rigs Dando Drilling International has recently launched the Dando 1000 shell and auger drilling rig for the geotechnical sector.

A unique product in the Dando range, the Dando 1000 MK2 is a compact flexible cable percussion rig capable of operating in tight and hard to reach areas.

The compact, flexible Dando 1000 MK2 cable percussion shell and auger rig is capable of drilling shallow holes in tight, hard to reach areas. The adjustable height of the mast derrick allows the rig to adapt to the job in hand and its simple collapsible design allows the rig to be positioned easily into working areas with low head room. With a Lister tr1 engine type  c/w reduction gear box and a power of 6.7 Kw @1800 rpm 9 bhp, it  is capable of conducting U4 sampling, SPT testing and drilling to depths of 46m using 4 inch casing and tooling. It can also drill to shallower depths using larger diameter casing and tools.

Dando Drilling International presents this new cable percussion drilling rig which is the latest addition to Dando’s range of geotechnical drilling rigs which include the D2000, D3000 and Dando Terrier.

Editor’s note
Dando Drilling International is a long established manufacturer, headquartered in West Sussex, England, specialising in the design, manufacture and sales of drilling rigs for the water well, mineral explorations, geotechnical and GSHP sectors. Benefiting from over 140 years of experience Dando Drilling International is a leading global supplier for the drilling industry.

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