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Chicago Pneumatic launches major upgrade of Indian portable compressor range


International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched a major upgrade of its diesel-powered portable compressor range for the Indian market. Twelve new models have been introduced to give an expanded range whose look and feel has been completely changed.

Innovative features such as new engine/element combinations provide increased efficiency and productivity, with additional features offering enhanced safety and impressive reductions in unit footprints, fuel/oil consumption and overall cost of ownership.

Designed and manufactured in Pune, India, the Chicago Pneumatic range of single axle and skid-mounted or truck-portable, oil-injected, rotary twin screw compressors has been expanded to meet the needs of Indian customers in today’s market. Three of the original 100 psi and one of the 125 psi single axle mounted compressors are replaced by the CPS 250, CPS 325, CPS 400 and CPS 325-125 units. These lightweight, compact and rugged machines are designed with a simple controller and powered by a 4-cylinder Ashok Leyland/W04D diesel engine to produce compressed air outputs of 250 cfm, 300 cfm, 380 cfm and 300 cfm-125 psi respectively.

In addition, a new range of single-stage, oil-injected, twin screw compressors has been introduced: the CPS 450-200, CPS 500-175, CPS 550-150 and CPS 650 models. The compressor element of these higher pressure machines, that operate between 100 and 200 psi, is directly and flexibly coupled to a state-of-the-art, water-cooled Ashok Leyland/AL 6DTi engine. To complete the range, the latest CPS 450 compressor is scheduled for introduction in November 2013 together with two other new units, the CPS 425-125 and the CPS 400-150.
Completing the upgrade programme, at the top of the high pressure range of two-stage, oil-injected, twin screw element machines, are three Cummins-powered units: the existing 305 psi CPS 1100-300, providing  1,100 cfm, and two new additions, the CPS 1000-275 and the CPS 1200-330, operating at 275 and 330 psi respectively. Constructed with tough, sound-proof canopies, they are easily transported and ideally suited to the toughest operational conditions.

In India, Chicago Pneumatic operates a dedicated aftermarket operation to support its distribution channels. It is a service that includes a suite of scheduled maintenance programmes, a full range of off-the-shelf service kits, and a warehouse in Pune stocked with authentic, high quality spare parts. In addition, the company provides training facilities to help distributors make effective breakdown repairs in the field.

These new product introductions are part of a Chicago Pneumatic’s mission to continue to build on its long-term history in India. All of the portable compressors are manufactured and marketed for the Indian market, where sales of compressed air equipment started back in 1905, with the first dedicated manufacturing plant opening in 1957.

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