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Immersive Technologies Expands Equipment Simulator Footprint in India

Thriveni Earthmovers, a fast growing Indian mining service provider, has advanced their training program with the introduction of PRO3-B Advanced Equipment Simulators from Immersive Technologies. Thriveni is committed to sustainable mining practices, taking care of the local society at large and improving the quality of tribal people’s lives by undertaking various local empowerment and social activities. In continuation of its strategy, Thriveni will use multiple simulators to increase the skills and safety of their existing equipment operators and to build a new professional work force from the local tribal community.


Thriveni Earthmovers has invested in simulators from Immersive Technologies as part of their initiative to be the leading mining contractor in India.

Thriveni have set their sights on being the leading mine developer and operator (MDO) in India and have established a training centre to deliver the most efficient and safest operators in the region. They currently employ more than 3,000 people and are focused on fostering development and providing a safe work environment.
According to R. Rajesh, Sr. DGM (Engineering Services) of Thriveni Earthmovers, the company’s decision to purchase the simulators was based predominantly on following considerations:

1. Thriveni’s commitment to Zero Accident Potential and Inclusive Growth of Society which will be
    achieved by upgrading the skill of the Operator; and
2. To equip itself for a large expansion in the MDO space of the Mining Industry and achieve its
    vision "ultimate solution provider for the global mining industry."

“Thriveni is a dynamic company and we are proud to support their focus to develop operator abilities and keep them safe. Their use of Immersive Technologies’ simulators will provide operators a safe environment to learn and practice their skills and practice for a range of possible emergency situations. Many of these situations are too dangerous, too difficult or too expensive to test in an actual mine.”
“Operators can also be shown and assessed for the proper operating technique much more quickly and accurately than the traditional “in machine” approach. Focus on improving operator technique with Immersive Technologies’ simulators have consistently delivered proven results including longer tire life, reduced spot time, reduced brake abuse, improvements in fuel use, reduction in engine overspeeds and more and we’re eager to see these results replicated at Thriveni,” says Nicky Suwandy, Immersive Technologies Regional Vice President – Asia.

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