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Atlas Copco’s pioneering HardHat® celebrates 10 years

Atlas Copco is celebrating the 10th anniversary of an innovation that broke new ground in the protection of portable air compressors. The HardHat canopy is made from linear medium-density polyethylene. Since its launch, in many markets, the HardHat has mostly replaced the industry standard metal canopy. With thousands sold over the last decade, Atlas Copco established a new benchmark for portable compressor canopies that are perfectly suited to the tough demands of the construction and rental markets.

"The HardHat is all about the customer. Could we make something tougher, more aesthetic from a design standpoint, could we improve performance and crucially, come in below the 750KG threshold for convenient towing?” says Kris Van Bosstraeten, Project Design Leader, Atlas Copco Portable Energy. “By listening to our customers and investing time and research into developing the new canopy we changed the opinion of the market and delivered them something truly innovative."

Ideal for construction sites and rental usage, the material used on the HardHat protects the working operation underneath from the elements. It is this design-focus and tough material which ensures the performance and appearance last for years of service, helping to retain a high resale value and provide customer with outstanding total cost of ownership. Thanks to the use of plastic rather than metal, the polyethylene canopy is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, crack-resistant, environmentally friendly and better able to meet the tough demands of on-site use.

 In the last 10 years the HardHat has won several awards. It received the internationally recognised Red Dot Award for outstanding design thanks to its modern and rugged structure – a testament to the research and development process behind the product.

 Constructed from UN-approved and recyclable material, the HardHat canopy does not require replacement parts, helping to minimise its impact on the environment. Moulded into a single top unit the canopy is easy to fit and remove from the compressor or generator, providing easy access to the unit for internal maintenance. The HardHat is resistant to both low and high temperatures thanks to its UV stability and the long-term antioxidants of the plastic, making it suitable for work in virtually any environment.

 Initially available for compressors, Atlas Copco has extended its HardHat canopy to select other products in the portfolio. To mark the anniversary, Atlas Copco is asking customers from all over the world to submit pictures of their HardHat in use. Visit for more information. 

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