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Water crisis looms in Botswana


Botswana is likely to be one of the first countries to face water shortages in the world, The World Economic Forum 2012 has predicted.

Water, food and energy have been identified as some of the world’s greatest threats alongside global market upheavals and the illegal economy such as corruption and drug trafficking.

According to the report, a global water shortage is looming with Botswana likely to be among the first nations to experience the crisis.

“With no perennial rivers under its full control, a drought-prone environment, and dam evaporation rates accelerating with global warming, Botswana has perilously few water resources to meet ordinary demand and support economic growth,” read a release from Botswana Society.

Early this year, Botswana’s Water Utilities Corporation acquired some emergency funds to the tune of about $40 million to address the supply challenges in its most affected operational areas.

The parastatal admitted to experiencing water shortages due to inadequate supply and the decreased yields of some boreholes.

The southern African is poorly endowed with water resources, as characterised by erratic rainfall and frequent severe drought conditions, coupled with unfavourable topography in terms of source development and utilisation, the provision of affordable water remains a major challenge.

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