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New GX 7 compressor offers Atlas Copco’s reliable oil-injected screw technology at economical price

As an addition to the GX 2-5 kW oil-injected screw compressor range, this GX 7 kW brings a reliable, cost competitive compressor to the European and American markets. With a capacity of 14 liters per second, this 7 kW/10 hp compressor is an extension to the GX 2-5 range. The new GX 7 is ideal for small industries and priced to be an economical entry into oil-injected screw technology.


The new GX 7 offers capacities of 14 liters per second at a 10 bar working pressure. This 7.5 kW or 10 hp oil-injected screw compressor is much in demand and therefore a valuable addition to the existing GX 2-5 compressor range.

Proven screw technology for any workshop

With the new GX 7, compressor users with a low compressed air demand enjoy the reliability of Atlas Copco’s in-house designed oil-injected screw element, low energy consumption and a small footprint. Especially when compared to a piston compressor, the GX offers higher efficiency at a much lower noise emission. Moreover, the GX 7 is equipped with load/unload regulation , which is more energy-efficient than the traditional start/stop regulation.

The GX’s compact design allows for easy installation into the workplace. GX compressors discharge their cooling air from the top, which allows for installation against a wall or in a corner. The GX 7 is available in tank and floor mounted variants. Also the optional integrated dryer is a space-saving feature that will benefit small workshops by saving installation work and costs.

Dual offer at 7 kW

With the new GX 7 in the newly expanded GX 2-7 series, the GX family has a dual offer for 7 kW, catering for different applications. The GX 7-11 range offers higher flows (16 to 27 l/s), different pressure variants (7, 8.5, 10 and 13 bar) and the Elektronikon® control system. This makes the larger range of oil-injected screw compressors ideal for applications demanding larger flows and longer duty cycles.

Economical, reliable and compact oil-injected screw technology

The new GX 7 adds a 14 l/s variant to the existing GX 2-5 range. With the benefits of a compact design, load/unload regulation and Atlas Copco’s proven oil-injected screw element, this new GX brings economical, reliable compressed air to small industries and workshops.

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