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Doosan Heavy Manages Carbon Emissions from Field Staff to CEO


- To Construct Korea’s first Green Energy Management System (GEMS) based on ERP
- To manage greenhouse gas emission in real time, enhance energy efficiency by 25%, save US$ 27 million per year

The Green Energy Management System (GEMS), which Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Vice Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) implemented this year, is an innovative integrated energy management program linked with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program which enables all the staff members including the CEO to check the energy consumption and CO2 emission status in real time while they work.

Investing US$ 26.03 million, GEMS was developed in-house by Doosan and implemented for the first time in Korea. Some 1,500 gauges are installed in various locations of the plant, which measure the volume of energy consumed, including electricity, oil and gas, and calculate carbon emissions, enable real-time analysis of data, which can then be queried by all the staff with mouse clicks. When the volume of carbon emissions exceeds the management target, the system automatically informs staff via email or SMS text message, and suggests ways of correcting the problem, thereby enabling the systematic management of carbon emissions. With GEMS, Doosan is now capable of closely and conveniently managing carbon emission volumes at all levels of the organizational unit.

The GEMS has effectively increased efficiency in energy use as well. The system allows one to determine in which part of the plant energy is being excessively consumed, and which facilities are lagging, and to adjust the load levels during peak load hours. Doosan expects that the system will increase energy efficiency by about 25 percent, and save some US$ 27.76 million this year.

Executive Vice President Myung Woo Kim, head of the Management division at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, said, “Systematic management of greenhouse gas not only allows us to abide by the government policy, but also is an act of conducting corporate social responsibility,” adding, “If we identify any problems while operating the system, we will further improve and fine tune it, for continuous effects.”

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