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Dando Drilling International the UK based company with a world-wide reputation for the supply of drilling rigs and equipment for the water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and geothermal sectors has recently launched a brand new type of machine- the Dando Mule ATV5-RC.

The Dando Mule, a tracked load carrying vehicle, was originally designed by Dando for solving the problem of transporting to and on-site heavy drilling equipment and tooling across very rough terrain. However the machine has also been attracting a lot of interest from potential customers in other industries including construction, forestry and agriculture.

The design of the machine allows the Mule to be operated from a distance by remote control thus keeping the operator safe. The removal of the operator from within the vehicle makes for a much lighter machine as well as an increased pay load capacity- the machine is capable of carrying loads of up to 5 tons.

The highly manoeuvrable and agile crawler carrier is controlled by remote control (manual and umbilical back up) and is self loading/ unloading with a demountable load bed which comes in either a standard length of 3 metres or extended at 3.6 metres. The compact design of the machine allows it to fit into a standard shipping container The Mule also comes with various track options including steel and rubber tracks.

Dando have already supplied one of the carriers to a drilling contractor for use in Africa and have an order lined up for a further two to be sent to East Asia.

Speaking of the launch of the Mule, Dando Managing Director Martin Fitch-Roy said
“This machine is an exciting addition to the Dando product range and has been created to meet a demand from our current customers in the drilling industry. We are confident that this new machine will be suited to many other sectors as well.”

For a full specification of the Dando Mule and videos and pictures of the machine in action visit the Dando website
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