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Cummins takes the lead in developing the Press Club Library at Phaltan

Today, Cummins India Foundation took the lead in upgrading the Press Club Library at Phaltan. This initiative is in alignment with one of the three focus areas of Corporate Responsibility that Cummins India Foundation (CIF) supports; which is Higher Education. The other two areas which the Foundation focuses on are Energy and Environment, and Local Infrastructure Development.

Around 40 students from Phaltan and neighbouring towns utilize the Press Club Library to prepare for competitive examinations and to further their knowledge in management. Addressing the immediate need for enhanced study material, the Foundation has donated books that are specific to competitive examinations and management courses. The Foundation is aiming at improving the infrastructure, standard and scale of the Press Club Library, and will be making further investments towards achieving this in the coming months.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Ravichandran Subramanian, Head - Corporate Responsibility, Cummins Group in India said, “We are pleased with being presented with an opportunity to help students prosper in their career. In the coming months, investments will be made in further upgrading this Library so as to make a positive difference in the lives of the student community. This effort is a part of a series of initiatives that are being undertaken by the Foundation to support students pursuing higher education in and around Phaltan.”
Shri Subhash Bhambure, Head of Phaltan Press Club said, “Our main motive is to provide necessary facilities to the students from rural areas to help them prepare for competitive exams. The initiative taken by Cummins as a part of its corporate responsibility program is really appreciable and we earnestly hope that the donated books would benefit the students”

Senior Reporter Arvind Mehta said, “As a part of its corporate responsibility program, Cummins has always helped and supported the students and villagers from Phaltan By donating books for competitive exams, Cummins has encouraged the students to be independent. We truly appreciate their efforts and hope that the students fully utilize these books and benefit from them.”

“Every company as a part of their corporate responsibility program should take up such initiatives for the welfare of the community and Cummins serves as the best example. We are sure that this effort by the Company will guide the youth of Phaltan and inculcate a sense of discipline in them”, said Senior Journalist Ramesh Aadhav.

Cummins has emerged as a key player in supporting higher education in the country. It has helped set up the Cummins College of Engineering for Women in Pune and Nagpur and partners with numerous Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) towards continuous development. At the ITI Phaltan, Cummins has worked on a holistic upgradation program which entails; extending design assistance, imparting training on soft skills, increasing institute-industry interaction, improving gender participation, etc. In addition, every year, the Foundation awards scholarships to meritorious students from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them pursue higher education. More than 200 students have benefitted, since the inception of this program in 2006.

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