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Becker Mining Systems - Automation Systems for the Mining Industry


Becker Mining Systems' mining master is a high-performance, flameproof automation device for underground hard coal mining.

Becker Mining Systems is a worldwide supplier of automation infrastructure for the underground mining industry. In addition to an office in Germany, we have our own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Russia, China, South Africa, Australia, the US, Canada and Chile.

Mining automation system
Mining automation system

The Mincos MMC is a high-performance, flameproof, IS automation device for mining applications with less input / output requirements.

In the area of automation, Becker Mining Systems offers Mincos, a flexible system solution that guarantees comprehensive control and monitoring of all work processes at every level of a modern mine and thus, at the same time, ensures great efficiency with more safety.

In the case of widely branched networks and extremely difficult ambient conditions, the Mincos system guarantees a problem-free flow of information between individual plants, machines and equipment.

IPC control units

The control desk of the PROMOS open automation system.

The Mining Master is a high-performance, flameproof, intrinsically safe (IS) automation device that has been developed for underground hard coal mining.

The core of the control unit is based on industrial computer technology. The Windows NT Embedded® operating system permits the use of high-performance, common standard software. By using an Ethernet interface via fibre-optic technology, the computer network can be realised in a manner that allows for worldwide online service.

Intrinsically safe bus lines can be linked to the Mining Master with numerous possibilities for periphery connection to mining machines, which facilitates the automation of every operation.

Flameproof IPC automation device

With the Mincos MMC, the little brother of the Mining Master, a further high-performance, flameproof, IS automation device is available for applications with less input / output requirements.

Open automation system for underground mines

The PROMOS intercom unit.

PROMOS is an innovative, open automation system, developed for raw ambient conditions. Its modular structure, which has been adapted to the processes in underground mines, means it can be modified for any task – from individual, small controls to comprehensive process control – by building control networks.
The installation of the field elements is particularly cost saving. It can be commissioned and adapted using plug-and-play technology within a very short period of time and not necessarily by electricians.

Monitoring devices for the mining industry

We supply monitoring devices such as belt rip detection systems and level indication devices as well as other accessories.

BCOM VoIP network for underground mining

BCOM VoIP revolutionises voice communication in mining.

In the mining industry, fibre-optic networks are increasingly replacing the classic data transmission for control and logistics.

For the first time, BCOM VoIP integrates data and voice transmission in a common network. The innovative voice communication system thus revolutionises voice communication in mining.

The basis of the entire system is voice transmission via voice over IP (VoIP), which is telephony via computer networks. In the process, voices are digitised, broken down into small packets, transferred and reassembled at the receiver. The result is a high voice quality without interference.

A further advantage of VoIP is the possibility to save money with regards to personnel. The installation, documentation and maintenance of separate copper networks are no longer necessary with BCOM VoIP. The entire system can be configured and served aboveground.

Automation products for the mining industry

With our automation products you can achieve the following:

• Monitoring, visualisation and control of all mining processes
• Quick and secure transfer of information in extensively branched data networks
• Integration of all automation levels, ranging from the sensor / actuator level to the master control level
• Data transfer via copper or fibre optics

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