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Tips for water well owners affected by storms, power outages

Household water well owners affected by storms and power outages should inspect the well cap and well casing to make sure neither was damaged from fallen trees, tree limbs, or other flying debris.
First, if you see any downed lines, always treat them as electric lines that are live and contact your power company.

Next, if there is debris around the well casing — the vertical pipe extending above the ground’s surface that provides access to the well through the well cap on top — it should be removed carefully so as not to damage the casing or the cap. Also be careful not to bump the well casing with vehicles or equipment — or with the debris being removed.

Visually inspect the well cap and casing to make sure neither is loose, cracked, or bent. If there is any sign of such damage, which could allow surface contamination such as bacteria into the well, contact a qualified water well contractor to inspect your well.

While downed power lines should not affect the wires leading to the pump, which are buried and should be connected to a control box inside a structure such as the house or a shed, if you see any sign of damage to the pump control box or the wires connected to it, stay clear and contact a water well contractor to inspect it.

Water quality should be unaffected by a power outage. However, if you notice any change in water quality, you can try running a volume of water from the well and then recheck the water’s appearance and odor. If a change in water quality remains, get your water tested by a certified drinking water testing lab for bacteria or anything else of local concern.

For more information on well maintenance and water quality, visit, where you also can find a listing of water well system contractors via Contractor Lookup.

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