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Davey Bickford - Mine Drilling, Blasting and Detonation Equipment

Davey Bickford provides mine drilling, blasting and detonation equipment for the full spectrum of demands of underground and open-pit mines, and extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, copper and even coal.

Programmable mine-blast detonators

The introduction of high-accuracy mine-blast detonators is reinforcing proper timing as a fundamental element of efficient blast design. The controlled sequence of hole-detonation is one of the more critical parameters, having a direct effect on overall blast performance in many ways. The measure of the potential effectiveness that the available explosives energy has to both break and displace the rock mass is directly proportional to the effective burden that energy must overcome.

Any variation in hole-detonation timing, however, will result in a burden to energy relationships that can have adverse impacts on the performance of a blast. The results of these impacts have been witnessed in the past: poor rock fragmentation; high ground and air vibration levels; fly-rock incidents; increased need for secondary blasting; and increased excavation and crushing costs.

Recent studies conducted using the Daveytronic® programmable digital detonator from Davey Bickford have concluded that accurate hole detonation provides the explosives industry with the potential to effectively minimise these adverse-timing-related impacts.

Mine-blast detonators to increase rock fragmentation

Fragmentation studies conducted in several North American aggregate operations show that using the Daveytronic programmable digital detonator provides a 20%-35% increase in rock fragmentation and more uniform muckpiles. These studies have also shown a reduction in oversize through optimised energy confinement.

Vibration-reducing digital mine-blast detonators

Sophisticated vibration prediction and control models utilising the Daveytronic have reduced vibration levels by as much as 48% and successfully mitigated the low-frequency impacts of production blasts.

Cost-saving digital mine-blast detonators

Excavation time studies and crusher-throughput analysis studies have also concluded that high-accuracy detonators will effectively improve productivity while lowering excavation and crushing costs by as much as 10%-15%.

Mine detonators for overburden casting operations

The implementation of Daveytronic detonators in large-scale overburden casting operations has increased blast-casting efficiencies by up to 45%. These values reflect a nearly 50% increase in cast benefits compared to the performance of conventional pyrotechnic delays.

The accuracy and flexibility of the programmable detonator is providing the explosives industry with options never before available to optimise the timing designs for maximum benefits in the areas of ground vibration control and maximised fragmentation. The industry's whole approach to blast timing design can now be focused on pure productivity and blast performance, rather than restricted by the limited interval selections and inaccuracies the conventional pyrotechnics timing systems offer.

New-generation mine detonator and digital-blasting system

A breakthrough in electronic blasting technology, the new Daveytronic IV digital blasting system from Davey Bickford delivers more operating flexibility, enhanced performance and ease of use. Daveytronic IV consists of a new-generation detonator, an advanced Daveytronic blasting machine with wireless capabilities, and innovative software offering automated programming and more flexible blast-design features.

Features of this user-friendly, high-accuracy blasting system include:

1.   MS periods range from 0ms to 14,000ms by 1ms increments
2.   High accuracy, greater than 0.1ms
3.   On-site or remote programming
4.   Two-way communications on two wires
5.   Non-polarised parallel connectionEasy inventory control
6.   Field-check before firing
7.   Manual or automatic operating modes (using a PCMCIA input media)
8.   Both battery or external power supply can be used
9.   Micro-processor controller
10. ASIC technology
11. Abrasion-resistant insulation
The standard dimensions of the Daveytronic IV's detonator are 3.42in length, 0.3in in diameter and 21awg solid copper wire. All Daveytronic detonators are energised prior to detonation.

Featuring enhanced communication protocol and unique detonator identification numbers, Daveytronic IV delivers reduced detonator programming time and quicker firing sequence diagnostics, so technicians need to spend less time on the bench.

When combined with Daveytronic 2D software, Daveytronic IV firing plans can be designed and simulated on a computer to ensure the blast performs as desired. Once the design programming is complete, the plan is downloaded into the handheld programming unit, reducing on-bench programming time.

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