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The Deccan trap Gondwanas formation are formed due to ancient lowa due to which the entire area ground water has gone down due to heat weaves. Normally in Deccan trap & Gondwanas formation water zones are not available. In deep drilling where the places are not affected by lowa will be available. Hence, the deep Bore well have to be constructed in Deccan trap Gondwanas formation and 1km or ½ km away distance away from lowa formation.

TYPE OF GONWANAS:    1. Upper Gondwanas   2. Lower Gondwanas   3. Plain Gondwanas  4. Deccan Traps Gondwanas.   As can be seen in past history of Gondwanas the Gondwanas have been formed by lowa.

CASE STUDY: Generally Gondwanas are not having water zone and water zones are available in deep where the lowa heat weave has not affected and the sail deposit at bottom.


Since the Deccan trap & Gondwanas formation consists of partial hard formation (Crystalline in structure) partial loose formation for which correct bits has to be selected accordingly. As for as this formation concerned,   R R Button (TCI chisel) have been recommended because, it will cut both hard and soft formation and bentonite mud flow is needed to takeout loose formation cuttings and create wall in order to avoid silting. Hence Rotary with RR Button (TCI chisel) has to be deployed in order to cut this formation.

In trap with soft formation, the ordinary button bits are not working due to slop (down gradient) formation. If drilled by ordinary bits, the bit will struck up frequently and further drilling cannot be done and there is possibility of fishing due to trap formation. This has happened in Nerkhed Area Nagpur. Private organization and State Government drilling crew could not construct single well in Nerkhed Area due to frequent struck up of string of tools and shallow depth water level has gone down due to lowa ware  weave due to which the entire. Nerkhed area was suffering lot without drinking water and acute water shortage has happened in this area.

In this situation one of the VIP in this area approached our department through Minister of Water Resources (Hono. Shri  V.C. Shukla) and narrated the all water shortage in this area and stated that the private organization and State Government drilling crew could not construct single well in this area due to trap Gondwanas formation and the string of tools which stuck up in shallow depth well could not be retrieved from this well. Hence all tube wells which constructs by State Government and private organization have been abandoned.

As per VIP reference, the Minister of Water Resources directed Regional Director, Nagpur to solve water shortage problem by putting extra ordinary tube well in sensitive area of drilling. The Regional Director directed one of the senior most Driller in Charge to explore the feasibility of drilling in Nerkhed area. He inspected the sensitive area and refused to do the challenging task. Then it was informed to undersigned to take up the challenging task at Nerkhed area. The undersigned accepted and agreed to take-up the challenging task with following condition.

1. Since it is deep drilling and challenging task skilled drilling crew for three shift operation in rotary
2. More drilling collars are need to straitening of well and increase the penetration rate in trap
    formation due to which “thrust force” have been obtained by extra load and rotation.
3. Since it is sensitive and mud loss area, good quality of Bentonite Mud is needed in order to
     arrest silting.
4. This formation is needed RR button (TCI chisel bit) in order to cut trap formation.
5. Rotary machine with deploying RR Button Bit (Chisel Bit) is needed in order to cut trap and
     loose formation.

As soon as men, machine and materials arrived, the drilling was commenced in Nerkhed area and completed P.H hole 300 mtrs. within 15 days. The first trap formation 80 meters were cut by RR Button Bit (TCI Chisel Bit). The time taken five days the reaming commenced and completed within 10 days and 10x6” pipe (M.S.)were erected in tube well.  Suitable gravels shrouded in annular area with back wash. While developing, the discharge was 15 LPS after construction OW well pump test was conducted. While pump testing the discharge was 20 LPS.

1. Grounding water zones are depleted due to heat waves of lowa formation.
2. Zones are available in deep alluvium sail formation as for as Gondwana concerned.
3. Open cost Mines are available in surface.
4. Mining tools are required to cut this formation.
5. Since the formation is ancient, water treatment is needed to improve.

Note: Sample sail was collected and analysis by site Geologist Dr. Sanjay Marwa in every 1 meter for investigation.

                Name of Director               :               Dr. Kittu, CGWB, Nagpur.
                Name of Exe. Eng.            :               Shri V. Venket Raman
                Site in charge                   :               Shri V.R.A. Kidwai
                Site Geologist                   :               Shri Sanjay Marwa          
                Year of event                    :               1989-90
                Name of site                     :               NERKHED, NAGPUR.
                Deployment of Rig            :               DR/FR-55/3 Rig
                VIP reference                   :               Honorable V. C. Shukla, Water Resource Minister.



1. The challenging task was taken up by Div-IV, Nagpur in 1989-90 in sensitive area of drilling
    and succeeded and solve the acute water shortage problem in Narkhed area.
2. It is a phenomenon, the water zone obtained in deep Gondwanas.
3. Introduced specialized TCI chisel Button Bit in order to cut trap formation.
4. More drill collars were used to increase the penetration rate in trap formation.
5. Since it is ancient formation, Bleaching power and Potash alum (AL +3 )were utilized for purifying
6. The people, who are living in Nerkhed village, do not know the Central Ground Water Board
    activities. After construction of this complicated tube well, the people recognized the CGWB extra
    ordinary work in this Deccan Trap and Gondwanas area, because State Government and
    private organization could not construct single well in this area. Despite of challenging task, the
    Div-IV, CGWB, Nagpur has constructed successful well in Nerkhed area. It is recorded well in
    CGWB history.
7. Drilling is a technology machine and encyclopedia through which, we have to learn lot -off things
    in present environmental condition.
8. In Gondwanas, the ancient “Shells” were obtained in deep in which Mud loss has happened while
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