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Underground Force incorporates Cat AD30


Underground Force has added the Cat AD30 to its UG30FLT articulated fuel and lube truck, which the company said will add reliability and efficiency as this truck’s rugged construction is engineered for performance in underground applications.

The UG30FLT is designed to carry over 6,600L of fuel and 1,760L of lubricant and coolant, along with other customisable product options. The truck offers fully baffled product tanks, product filtration and metering, heated product tanks when applicable, and an enclosed reel compartment. It has new and used filter storage and an LED lighting package. The overall size is 2.7m in height; 2.7m in width, 11.2m in length with an outside turning radius of 9m.

Standard safety features offered on this truck include anti-skid upper deck surfaces, handrails, 3-point cabin and machine access, push out safety glass, steering frame lock, rear window guard, body retaining pins, automatic retarder control, exhaust heat shielding and firewall and hitch hydraulic hoses.

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