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Sullair Introduces New Lubricant for High Pressure Portable Air Compressors

hpl 1500

Sullair is pleased to announce the introduction of HPL 1500, a new lubricant designed and developed specifically to meet the increasing demands of higher pressure portable air compressors. HPL 1500 is especially suited for high pressure rotary screw portable compressors which are used in rigorous applications such as down-the-hole percussive hammer; deep water well and geothermal drilling; pipeline testing; oil and gas well servicing; sandblasting; rock drilling; and pile driving. Sullair has spent two years developing and rigorously testing the new HPL 1500 lubricant and is extremely pleased with the “best-in-class” results.

1,500-Hour Change Interval
The new HPL 1500 has a 1,500-hour change interval— as much as five times that of standard aftermarket compressor lubricants. The extended life change interval minimizes environmental impact and saves both time and money on maintenance.

Uniquely Formulated for the Most Demanding Applications
Sullair HPL 1500 is a multi-viscosity, highly refined synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, formulated to allow easier cold weather starting and faster warm up, while providing exceptional lubrication in extreme hot or cold service. HPL 1500 is designed to operate in temperatures from -20°F to 125°F. HPL 1500 provides excellent wear protection and exceptional resistance to fluid oxidation and thermal degradation. Its high viscosity index ensures effective lubrication, especially for the increased temperature demands of high-pressure applications. These features are obtained through a concise blend of base stock and additives.

Compatible with any High Pressure Portable Air Compressor Rated at 350 PSIG and Above
HPL 1500 will outperform all other OEM or aftermarket compressor lubricants and can be used in any high pressure portable air compressor regardless of the manufacturer. With Sullair HPL 1500, you no longer need to stock any other lubricants for your fleet.

HPL 1500 and the Sullair Air End Warranty
Sullair’s new high-pressure compressors are factory filled with HPL 1500. When HPL 1500 is used continuously in a Sullair portable compressor, its air end is warranted for five years or 10,000-
hours, whichever occurs first. Sullair HPL 1500 and genuine Sullair filters are to be used according to Sullair’s recommendations.

Sullair, Where Project Specific Lubricants are a Tradition
At Sullair, specific application lubricants are a tradition, and their benefits are the cornerstone of our long-standing commitment to excellence.

About Sullair
Sullair is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of portable air power compressors, contractors' air tools, stationary air power compressors, compressed air treatment equipment and vacuum systems.
Sullair, 3700 East Michigan Boulevard, Michigan City, IN 46360. Telephone 219.879.5451. FAX 860.353.5779.

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