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Dando Launch West African Drilling Services Division

Dando Drilling International is pleased to announce the launch of new water well drilling services division Dando Drilling Services. This division has been set up to provide borehole drilling services throughout Western Africa in collaboration with African drilling contractor Hydrofor.

DDS will be equipped with a Dando Watertec 40, Dando Watertec 12.8 and a fleet of ancillary equipment including trucks, water tankers and support vehicles. With a pullback capacity of 40,000kgf, the Dando Watertec  40 has the ability to drill holes of large diameter to depths  of up to 2000m with 3 ½ “ drill pipes and 1300m with 4 ½ “ drill pipes. The machine is ideal for installing large water wells in towns and villages, and for dewatering on mine sites. 

Established in 1867 as a water well drilling contractor, the creation of DDS marks the return of Dando to its early roots.  This initiative has been driven by an ever growing demand for clean water supplies in West Africa and is built on the strong existing relationship between Dando and Hydrofor. With offices in Burkina Faso and Togo, Hydrofor has been in operation for some years and has built up crews of highly trained and experienced drilling personnel with many years of experience in working with Dando water well rigs.

Dando Managing Director, Martin Fitch-Roy is keen to highlight the fact that DDS is an integral part of Energold’s long term plan for Dando of expanding and diversifying its services worldwide. Dando has a large and diverse customer base which includes UN organisations, NGOs, charities, government bodies and private contractors. 

Dando Drilling Services has recently been showcased at the ‘Water Africa’ exhibition in Accra, Ghana.
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