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3D-P - Mining Asset Communications Platform


3D-P's Intelligent Endpoints is the only complete network and applications platform developed specifically for mining and heavy industrial use.


Intelligent Endpoints units have been specifically designed to withstand weather extremes, vibration, dust and rough treatment.



3D-P can help you to increase production while lowering your operating cost.


Are you tired of OEM and application software vendors locking you out of your applications and dictating what you can see and manage? Does your mine struggle with adding additional mining applications on an insufficient network?

Developed specifically for mining and heavy industrial use, Intelligent Endpoints® from 3D-P is a robust communications platform that provides seamless connectivity, even with on-machine applications that are not designed for modern networks.

By understanding the application and the context of the information, Intelligent Endpoints can bundle and instantly transmit that data where it's needed, regardless of what format or protocol your existing applications use.

Whether you have an existing infrastructure and mature mine or are in a new area of operation and production, we can help you to increase production while lowering your operating cost.

Mine technology asset communications platforms

The software gives you a common platform that can be used to provide connectivity to new systems and old, providing uninterrupted, reliable communications for all of your mine technology assets. Now the aggregate data from various systems throughout your mine can be instantly converted into actionable information, to help lower the cost of production and improve your mine's safety, every day.

The simple 'plug-and-play' connectivity of Intelligent Endpoints can minimize implementation time and lower your start-up costs. Upgrading your communications infrastructure gives you immediate productivity benefits, plus you gain a solid foundation for adding and expanding your technology portfolio in the future. This gives your mine the flexibility and adaptability necessary to stay competitive.

Wireless network with IP access for the mining industry
Utilizing the Intelligent Endpoints product line from 3D-P, your entire mine can operate on a single high-speed wireless network with modern IP access to all of your equipment's onboard information.

Mining equipment and operators can achieve seamless connectivity for the countless number of onboard applications you deal with – even for machines that weren't built with modern communication networks in mind.

Compatible mining communications system integration
Based on open systems and made to be vendor-agnostic, Intelligent Endpoints helps you to gain the flexibility to connect any of the multiple on-board systems that you need access to, including dispatch systems, machine health systems, high-precision GPS, slope monitoring, dewatering systems, video cameras, safety and security systems, and more.

If a certain system or function in your mine wasn't compatible before, with Intelligent Endpoints it can be. This allows you to be more cost-efficient with what you already own.

Mine equipment, vehicle and personnel monitoring system
Intelligent Endpoints' Proxis allows the mine to have a true proximity program that monitors all mine equipment, light vehicles and personnel to provide alerts and warnings when necessary.

Haul tuck engine health monitoring data for mine equipment
The Health Data on Demand application allows you to pull haul tuck engine health monitoring data from any haul truck or equipment in real time when you want it. You can then deliver this data when and where you want in any format.

Mining communications platform management system
The Endpoint Manager allows the mine to manage all of 3D-P Intelligent Endpoints' applications and devices through just one web-interface. Imagine managing CAES, Modular and your network in one screen and interface.

Intelligent Endpoints provide seamless connectivity to all mining equipment applications, as well as simultaneously managing the wireless infrastructure from a single system. Utilizing open standards and platforms, we provide your mining operation the flexibility it must have on a real-time delivery basis so that your mine can operate at maximum capacity while providing unprecedented reliability and service.

Communications software for the mining industry
Intelligent Endpoints is the only complete network and applications platform designed specifically for the hardened mine environment. Units have been specifically designed to withstand weather extremes, vibration, dust and rough treatment. This reliability dramatically minimizes downtime and maximizes your return on investment.

Intelligent Endpoints are continuously proving that they deliver leading-edge functionality and dependable operation. With thousands of Intelligent Endpoints units now in use worldwide, you can be sure there's a pre-configured connector available for your application.

Mining technology expertise
A provider of mining solutions for over 15 years, 3D-P has current deployments in the largest mining companies in the world on every continent. Our international team of mining engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers have decades of experience developing advanced technology solutions for the mining industry.

Our experts are accessible 24/7 by phone or email for your questions or troubleshooting. Solving your problems quickly is another way that we lower your cost of production.

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