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It's time to go electric! Introducing seven models in the Atlas Copco electric compressor range….now in India!


Bangalore, December 12-16, 2017:Our electric range of compressors offer different pressure and flow combinations so that customers can now experience the full power of electric! Equipped with the right ergonomics and inbuilt features to enhance performance, these electric compressors offer 19% faster drilling with 11% less power consumption as compared with other compressors in its class.

The new environment legislations to control pollution in Indiahave ensured that states are now actively supportingstable grids. This has resulted in the total installed utility power capacity in the country increasing by 51% from Mar 2012 to Mar 2016 and is still growing.

Atlas Copco electric compressors are 32% lighter and 8% smaller in size, thereby reducing logistics cost and related challenges, which also makes it convenient for the compressor to be operated and moved in narrow spaces. There are several other features which enhance performance:

Hood type canopy designand proper layout of components gives wider access to parts which need to be serviced.

Higher productivity is achieved with efficient element & motor combination complemented with a heavy duty air filter and reliable cooling capacity to enable the compressor to operate at LAT 50°C.

A simple control panel with an analogue & digital display, simplifies operations. The control panel and outlet manifold placement makes it convenient for the operator to operate and monitor from the same side of the machine. Dual pressure switch (for XAT400E) helps to change pressure and use unit for multiple applications.
Atlas Copco electric compressors are compact, lightweight and easy to move, demonstrating outstanding ruggedness and durability. Corrosion resistant canopy makes them suitable for outdoor operations (in direct sun light, rain and dusty environments).

With no fuel usage, there are no emissions while the hood type canopy of the Atlas Copco electric compressors is designed to ensure low sound levels on site, making them ideal for usage within city limits

Atlas Copco electric compressors have a preinstalled socket for input power supply with an additional emergency switch to manage operations safely.

Atlas Copco’s electric compressor range delivers air from 7 to 12 bar (100 to 175 psi) with a flow of upto 475 cfm making them suitable for all applications.

Be it in construction, jack hammer operation, shot crete blasting, blast hole drilling, abrasive blasting, mining, dimensional stone, dry ice blasting, cable blasting or utilities, our electric compressors operate with 50% less maintenance cost and 40% less operating cost over diesel compressors.

The advantage of just plug and play, with no diesel stocking, filling or arranging, makes these electric compressors suitable for 24 by 7 operations.

Experience the power of electric with Atlas Copco electric range of compressors.

For further information please contact:
Sheetal Gore, Marketing Communications Manager
+91 9561091708

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