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Atlas Copco Launches Versatile PAS Pumps For High-Performance Dewatering In Tough Conditions


Atlas Copco has launched 18 new additions to its open frame diesel-driven centrifugal dewatering pump range. The pumps focus on high fuel efficiency and cover a wide spectrum of sizes. The expanded PAS range is designed for multiple applications, from dewatering on construction and mining sites to solids removal, drainage and even emergency situations involving flooding and shipping. The PAS open-frame system includes both wet and dry prime options, and the modular design allows many different configurations.


The new pumps provide a wide range of sizes, with performance levels from 105 m3/h to 630 m3/h, and discharge size ranging from 3ins to 8ins. The PAS open-frame system comprises a centrifugal pump, semi-open impeller and a large separator. This enables air to be separated from the liquid and sucked by the vacuum pump, making automatic priming possible. Even with suction heights of several metres, the rapid evacuation of air from the suction pipe ensures fast activation of pumping.

The dry prime variants offer rapid priming time and higher capacities, making them suitable for use over a longer period of time when there is a danger of running dry or experiencing an intermittent flow. Wet prime pumps are a portable, cost-effective solution, best suited to applications with a consistent flow
The PAS range benefits from mechanical shaft seals being set in an oil bath, which enables dry running capability without damage. A high efficiency hydraulic end lowers fuel consumption, while a high capacity diaphragm pump supports automatic priming. The semi-open impeller enables the pumps to handle solids of various sizes, without the risk of clogging. Additionally, all components are easy to access, which allows for simple servicing and maintenance.

“The new PAS dewatering pumps meet the five key criteria that Atlas Copco sets for the development of new machines: compactness, versatility, durability, efficiency and simple service,” commented Wim Moors, Vice President of Pumps within Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division. “They are easy to transport to wherever you need them, tested in the toughest conditions, efficient in fuel consumption and able to cover multiple applications with a focus on modular design.”

The wide range of sizes in the new PAS portfolio starts with the 6.4kW PAS3, a wet prime pump offering a maximum flow capacity of 120m3/h, a discharge size of 3ins and a maximum head of 24.5m. It is able to handle solids of up to 40mm and benefits from an air cooling system and 4.5 hours of fuel autonomy. At the other end of the spectrum, the dry-prime PAS8 operates at a head of up to 30m, offers a discharge size of 8ins and handles solids of up to 76mm with a maximum flow of 630m3/h .With the combination of models now available, the range offers an efficient solution for any application and flow level between these two points.

The PAS open frame units are the latest additions to the company’s pump portfolio. The PAS has for several years been available in a dry prime, canopy version with 4ins, 6ins and 8 ins variations, handling flows up to 590 m3/h. Atlas Copco also offers a range of portable, powerful and efficient electrical submersible pumps. The WEDA range can manage flows from 225 to 16.500 litres per minute with a maximum head of 85m.
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