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Tweed helps Kenya's water woes

tweed Tweed Shire Council and its staff have been helping to bring fresh water to a Kenyan village.

CONTAMINATED water in Kenya may seem another world away but members of the Tweed community have been working with Kenyan communities to alleviate the problem. The Tweed Shire Council will unveil the Kenyan Mentoring Programís plans for the year ahead this week.
More than $20,000 has been injected into the program by the council and council staff each year since its establishment in 2004, with figures this year almost doubling. Waterways program leader Tom Alletson co-ordinates the activities of volunteers in Australia. Mr Alletson said the program aimed to increase safe water accessibility and provide a sustainable river system to Kenyan communities. “Previously people would collect water with containers from a muddy dam which is also where the animals drink, so the water was contaminated with animal manure.”

The project has already set up three water purification stations, the most recent at a school that provides clean water to 3000 Kenyan residents. Founder and Kenyan co-ordinator of the program Olita Ogonjo will speak at the Tweed Catchment Catchup tomorrow about the future developments. Mr Ogonjo has travelled more than 15,000km to study in Australia this year to assist him in the program and the water sector of his community.


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