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New wares from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Secoroc has released the Secoroc PARD system, designed to boost rotary drilling performance by combining the best DTH and rotary drilling technology.
PARD uses a high frequency, low impact DTH hammer and a specially designed tricone drill bit, mounted on a standard rotary drill rig and string. The result is a combination of percussive power and rotational force that increases the penetration rate by up to 50%.
The PARD hammer can operate at pressures of 50-110psi. A unique parallel air-flow system distributes the air proportionately between the hammer and drill bit, achieving optimal flow.
The tricone bits can withstand the additional stress and strain, while still retaining the same service life as standard tricone bits.
The system is ideal for large mines and quarries where blastholes of 250-311mm are standard. Two models are available – Secoroc PARD 10 and PARD 12 – plus a comprehensive selection of tricone bits.
In response to demand from markets outside Europe and North America, Atlas Copco has launched a new variant of its QAS generators. The QAS flx is ideal for heavy duty applications, and will be available in 50Hz and 60Hz models.
The standard specifications of the QAS flx are more basic than those of the existing QAS range, but users can choose from a wide list of optional extras to tailor the unit. This new variant will initially be available with 13-45kVA, with more models to follow later.
As an extension to its Portable Air line of compressors and generators, Atlas Copco has transferred the WEDA submersible pump line from its Construction Tools Division to the Portable Air Division. “The pump business has a lot of synergy with our current product offering, especially with our existing generator customer base in the construction, rental and mining industry. We see interesting growth potential and expansion for the division,” said Geert Follens, president of the Atlas Copco Portable Air Division.
The first step, involving the transfer of sales, service and reporting departments, began on
September 1.
Production, which currently takes place at Saint Valery, France, will be transferred to the portable air-production site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany.
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