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Kenya's minister on the spot over water provision

tweed Water minister Charity Ngilu was Thursday morning taken to task by the parliamentary committee on equal opportunities over the criteria used in provision of water resources in the country.
The move comes amid accusations from a section of legislators of alleged bias in drilling of boreholes in the country.

Ngilu however defended her actions claiming that some constituencies urgently needed water more than others which are more endowed with the natural resource.

The issue of just how fair the ministry of water has been for the last three years in drilling boreholes and providing water to all Kenyans was first raised in parliament last month, with some legislators alleging the minister had unfairly drilled more boreholes in the lower eastern region.

The parliamentary committee on equal opportunities wanted the minister to account how the ministry ensured provision of water to areas where no borehole were drilled.
Ngilu said some areas were not fit for drilling bore holes but water-pans have been constructed in such regions.

She told the committee that the ministry had also bought water bowsers to distribute the precious commodity to residents in such areas.
The committee is now expected to table its report in parliament within the next one week once the ministry provides it with all the details.


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