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Energold targets 1,000m drill


Mining companies, whether junior, mid-tier or senior, are faced with numerous challenges when evaluating and implementing their exploration strategies.

Issues include budgeting, social and environmental impact, compliance with regulations, and the likelihood of discovering a ‘major’ mine – statistically around one in every 5,000 projects. Energold Drilling, a Vancouver-based drilling services provider, is working to make this process easier for its clientele. Energold has a fleet of 94 highly mobile drill rigs.

This primarily consists of its EGD S Series diamond drill rigs, but also includes a deep-hole rig and several underground drilling rigs.

The fleet services more than 22 countries and all S Series rigs can be implemented on brownfield or greenfield programmes, enabling Energold to compete in all levels of the exploration process. The company expects to target 100 rigs by the end of this year, and aims to expand the fleet to 120 in 2011.

Energold specialises in providing highly mobile, socially and environmentally sensitive drilling services for the international mining sector. The firm aims to have a positive social and environmental impact on the local communities where it operates.

The company counts Barrick Gold Corp, First Quantum Minerals and Newmont Mining among Energold targets 1,000m drill its customers, and was also involved in drilling at Goldcorp’s Los Filos mine in Mexico and at IAMGOLD’s Quimsacocha project in Ecuador.

Energold has developed its own rig technology for its exclusive use. The S series rigs feature a modular design, with each part weighing no more than 181kg. These can fit into extremely tight spaces, having a 4x4m foot pad, and can drill in excess of 800m. The rigs are fully hydraulic, which decreases fuel consumption by reserving stored energy for when it is needed.

Their modular design allows the rigs to be assembled or broken down in less than 45min for transport to and from the drilling location. The use of ‘thin wall’ rods, such as BTW, NTW and HTW, allow for cleaner and faster cutting into rock.

As companies continue to expand their resource base through underground exploration methods, so underground drilling has become an integral part of Energold’s breadth of services.

In 2009, Energold began a new development project to expand its rig offering in the subterranean drilling segment and designed the EGD Underground Rig, which uses over 90% of the interchangeable parts featured on the S Series surface rigs.

The new rig is modular, with similar weight specifications as the EGD S3 rigs, allowing for maximum mobility underground with the use of an electric motor, and has the ability to drill in excess of 450m.

With continual upgrades every year on the S Series, Energold is ready to embark on another milestone in research and development by launching the EGD S4 surface rig. This model will be able to drill deeper than 1,000m, and has the ability to keep within the constraints of a 4x4m footpad.

The rig will still use the same interchangeable parts and inventory as previous models, and weigh slightly more to compensate for the increased torque required to drive down the drill bit. Energold plans to release the S4 rig in early 2011.
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