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Boosting efficiency for Scooptram users

V.R.A. Kidwai, Executive Engineer, New bucket and ground engaging tools produce major improvements in tests. Mining and tunneling companies using Atlas Copco Scooptram loaders can now raise their productivity and lower fuel consumption thanks to two new design improvements.

Monitoring and testing of environmentally sensitive sites such as protected lands or public water supply well fields.
A new generation bucket that is lighter, shorter and faster combined with new ground engaging tools has been launched by Atlas Copco for its Scooptram loaders, leading to higher productivity and lower fuel costs. - Lower total cost per ton of ore!  
According to Peter Trimmel, Product Manager at Atlas Copco, tests of the new third generation bucket (GIII) and Atlas Copco’s Ground Engaging Tools (GET), have produced excellent results. Operating time in the test muck pile was cut by seven percent while fuel consumption was reduced by eight percent. An added benefit is that the bucket is more robust than previously and is designed to withstand extreme wear.
Throughout the test period, the same loader and driver were used. Driver Totte Nilsson, who has been driving different types of loaders in different mines and countries for 20 years, says:
- I think this new GIII bucket is remarkable. Just upgrading your Scooptram ST1020 or ST1030 with the new GIII bucket will be a great improvement. And if you equip the GIII bucket with GET you gain even more.  

GET ground engaging tools are additional components that are bolted onto the front edge of the bucket, and sometimes also on the sides, in order to increase the bucket’s ability to attack and penetrate different muck pile formations. - The penetration is fantastic, Nilsson continues. - It cuts like a knife through butter. The job gets done much easier with the new GIII bucket
- Our team has put a lot of effort into testing and choosing the best steel available for the new GIII bucket, says Anders Persson, Manager of the Atlas Copco Materials & Rock Drill Laboratory. - The GIII bucket is now made of very wear resistant steel which will reduce maintenance costs.
When the GIII bucket is equipped with the ground engaging tool GET it is said to cut through a muck pile “like a knife”. GET’s designer Kjell Karlsson says:
- We have made the Atlas Copco GET very sharp and aggressive, and because of this it will stay sharp all the time until it is time to change the parts. We believe the user can wear off almost fifty percent of the material on each shroud until it is time to change the parts.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Trimmel, Product Manager Parts and Services Underground
+46 19 670 503 73 24 or +46 70 527 60 99 


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