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Major pump order for three Egyptian power stations

Major pump order for three Egyptian power stations

At the end of September 2015, the KSB Group received a multi-million euro order to supply a total of 200 pumps for three new power stations to be built in Egypt. 

The order comprises 36 boiler feed pumps, 24 condensate pumps and 8 cooling water pumps as well as 132 process pumps in a range of variants.

The boiler feed pumps cover flow rates of up to 500 cubic metres per hour and heads of 2,000 metres and above. These pump sets have an electrical drive rating of 3,550 kW and weigh 18 tonnes each.

The customer is a German power station construction company, who has been commissioned by the government of Egypt to extend the power supply system. The power stations are so-called combined cycle power stations in which waste heat exhausted by gas turbines is recovered to generate steam. This steam then drives a steam turbine and the linked .

Shipment of the first few units is scheduled to start at the end of 2016. Reasons for placing the order with the KSB Group included, for example, the numerous reference projects it was able to present of similar installations around the world, and the relatively short delivery times despite the complex technology.

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