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CatŪ 18M3 Motor Grader: Maximize Production, Minimize Costs


Cat® M-Series Mining Motor Graders have long been the standard of the industry for haul-road maintenance, allowing trucks to travel faster and more safely for higher production, reducing tire damage, and extending truck life - all contributing to lower operating costs. With the addition of the new 16M3 and 18M3 to the Cat lineup, mining operations using trucks with capacities to 190 tons (172 tonne) can now choose the popular workhorse of the industry, the 16M3, or if more capability is required, the more powerful 18M3.

The 18M3 builds on the success of the 16M and offers additional power, a wider moldboard, and the possibility to use a more aggressive blade angle. The 18M3 enhances operational efficiencies by increasing coverage and reducing the number of passes required to complete the width of the road in certain applications.

The 18M3 includes features that provide large benefits on operating cost reduction, uptime & performance improvements as well as enhanced safety.

• Enhanced Performance and Operating Comfort - The new 18M3 features an average of 5 percent greater power in each gear as compared to the 16M3, and the new motor grader is equipped with an 18-foot (5.5 meter) moldboard as compared to the 16-foot (4.9 meter) moldboard of the 16M3. More power and greater coverage per pass increase productivity. The added blade length also can be used to grade with a more aggressive blade angle of about 8 degrees. The increased blade angle reduces blade loading and combines with the additional power and weight and refined balance of the 18M3 for highly productive cutting passes.

• Operating Cost Reduction - High mechanical availability is one of your top concerns. The 18M3 is equipped for mining operations. Front axle and transmission guards protect key machine components against heavy debris and rocks. To enhance fuel efficiency, ECO mode limits engine speed to 1,900 rpm in working gears during light to moderate load applications. This operator-selected feature maintains peak performance in lower gears and automatically disengages in gears 6F-8F and 4R-6R.

• Focused on Keeping Everyone Safe - You consider the safety of your workers a top priority, and we're doing our best to help you meet your safety goals. Caterpillar considers the safety of everyone in, on or around Cat equipment when developing new products or enhancing safety features for existing products. The 18M3 has numerous safety features such as but not limited to:
o Access to Tandem
o Light Emitting Diode (LED) Enclosure Service Lights
o Seat Belt Indication
o Fire Suppression Ready System
o Rearview Camera
o Access Platform - optional
o Service Access Platform - optional

• Reduce Emissions without Sacrificing Performance - Engines with different emission capabilities are available to meet your needs, no matter where in the world you are working.

• Dealer Support Every Step of the Way - Your local Cat dealer is committed to helping you succeed, by ensuring you have the right machine for the job, making parts available, and providing you with versatile work tools.

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