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Phytoremediation as a treatment for groundwater contaminants is subject of NGWA course taking place in San Antonio

“Phytoremediation of Common Groundwater Contaminants,” a short course offering from the National Ground Water Association, will take place February 29-March 1, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.

This course focuses on the history, theory, and application of phytoremediation, which can be used to remediate many contaminant compounds detected in groundwater. Processes used at phytoremediation sites may include direct uptake of dissolved-phase contaminants, uptake of contaminant vapors, and root-facilitated bioremediation of residual contamination in the unsaturated zone.

Experience from the implementation of phytoremediation systems at multiple sites characterized by BTEX, MTBE, chlorinated solvents such as PCE and TCE, and PAH groundwater contamination will be described.
Designed to be of benefit especially for hydrogeologists, consultants, regulators, and academia, attendees of this short course will learn about:

Phytoremediation fundamentals
Installing and monitoring a phytoremediation system
Assessing work plans that include phytoremediation as a potential remedial strategy.

The instructors for this course, James E. Landmeyer and Don A. Vroblesky, both with the U.S. Geological Survey, have more than 50 years of remediation experience between them.

To learn more about this course, as well as the many other NGWA educational offerings available, visit the events/education section of our Web site or call 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791).
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