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Doosan Engine Achieves Fastest Production of 80 Million Horsepower of Large, Low Speed Engines

Doosan produces 2,365 low-speed engines in 27 years and 3 months; keeps world no. 2 position
in vessel engine production


Doosan Engine completed official test operation of its new vessel engine, the NOL4192 PJT 12K98ME-C (98,280BHP) equipped with 98,000HP, which will be installed in a 10,700 TEU-class container vessel, at its Changwon plant. This brings the Company’s cumulative production of low-speed engines to over 80 million HP.

Doosan Engine (President Dongchul Kim) announced on January 30 that it has achieved a combined production figure of 80 million horsepower of large, low-speed engines in the shortest period of time in the industry.

Doosan Engine successfully conducted test operation of a 98,000 HP-class engine, which will be installed in a 10,700 TEU-class container vessel, at its plant in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, thus topping 80 million horsepower in cumulative production.

Since rolling out its first diesel engine for a vessel in October 1984, Doosan Engine has produced a total of 2,365 low-speed engines in the ensuing twenty-seven years and three months, thereby exceeding 80 million horsepower in combined production. Based on such outstanding performance, the Company has maintained the world no. 2 position in vessel engine production.

After surpassing the 50 million horsepower mark in 2008, Doosan Engine went on to top 60 million horsepower in 2009, and 70 million horsepower in 2010, having posted steep production growth of over 10 million horsepower each year. Since 2010, the company has been producing high-end, low vibration, eco-friendly engines that generate low carbon emissions and boast high durability.

The new 12K98ME-C type engine, which has been successfully tested, measures 25.6m in length, 11.4m in width, and 13.4m in height, and weighs 1,975 tons.

Doosan Engine President Dongchul Kim said, “Rather than attributing significance to the achievement of this record time, we will concentrate on further raising our stature and strengthening our competitiveness as a global company that produces high-end engines, and further increase our company value through continuous technology investment.”

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