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Portable Air Compressors - Improving productivity in Waterwell Segment

Portable Air Compressors - Improving productivity in Waterwell Segment Ground water plays an important role in meeting the water requirements of the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors in India. In fact, ground water sources provide more than 85% of India’s rural sector water requirements, 50% of its urban sectors and more than 50% of its irrigation requirements, which clearly shows the importance of ground water as a precious natural resource. Portable Air Compressors are helping many improve productivity and save environment too.
S. R. Duraisamy, first generation entrepreneur, is one of the leading player in waterwell drilling business.

The majority of rig operators in India come from two small towns in the southern state of Tamil Nadu: Tiruchengode and Kunnathur. The drilling family here comprises 5,000 rigs, 10,000 drillers, 2,000 rig owners, and 100,000 helpers. They drill about 300 bore holes each, and drill some 180,000 ft in a year.
From truck driver’s helper to entrepreneur
A few decades back, fleet operators from these small towns started drilling deep wells for their own farming activity. In the early 1980s, some of these operators realized that there was potential for this approach across the country and kick-started their water well drilling industry. 
S. R. Duraisamy started his water well drilling business in 1986, after several years working as a truck drivers’ assistant. In this role, he would keenly observe the way trucks were used to mount rigs and compressors. He was a fast learner and he gathered as much information as possible about the business. Convinced of its potential, he approached SVK Traders, an authorized dealer of Atlas Copco. The owner of this dealership, Mr Swamiappan, gave him some technical advice and offered him the XA 190. This marked the start of a long-standing relationship between Duraisamy and Atlas Copco. From those early days, his business grew gradually and consistently and he added on more Atlas Copco compressors to his fleet. 

Why Atlas Copco?
Duraisamy says that he is able to get faster penetration with Atlas Copco compressors and he also saves on fuel cost due to their lower fuel consumption. He is extremely satisfied with the product quality and the aftermarket support from both the company and the dealers.
Every year, he takes his rigs to Jaipur in Rajasthan, some 2,500km from his native town, and he spends nearly nine months of the year away from his family to serve the water well business. Although he works in far-flung places and must struggle at times to communicate in the local languages of particular states, the dependable Atlas Copco compressors never let him down and allow him to concentrate on his business.
Word of mouth
As the whole industry is centered on these two small towns in Tamil Nadu, Mr Duraisamy’s continuing success has made many others approach him for advice. It is not surprising that Duraisamy recommends only Atlas Copco portable compressors. It is the passion and commitment of customers like Mr Duraisamy that makes the team at Atlas Copco do better and deliver more, and Atlas Copco is very proud to be associated with such a loyal customer.  
Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. The Group delivers sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity through innovative products and services. Atlas Copco (India) Limited started operations in 1960, and has 22 offices across India, the registered office being at Pune. In 2009, Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. had about 1 700 employees and revenues of INR 1,281 cr. (MEUR 213 ). Learn more at

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