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Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines

Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines Minetec provide communication systems for the mining industry. 

Minetec has been integrating and maintaining communications solutions for the mining industry since 2000. We are a privately owned company with an active board of directors and an independent advisory panel consisting of non-executive directors who have significant mining, finance and information technology expertise.

Over the years, Minetec have invested in R&D and have successfully designed and delivered new, cutting edge communication solutions to a range of global business partners.

Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines
Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines Wi-Fi and Wi-Max meshing communications 
We use Wi-Fi and Wi-Max meshing for high-quality communications within mines.
The biggest advance in technology allowing miners to increase dispatch efficiencies with increased trucking rates, is reliable Wi-Fi meshing communications.
Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines Our systems range from simple paging systems through to multiple SMS, page and voice alarms.
Minetec offer a wide range of wireless technologies all solving the traditional Wi-Fi high-maintenance and low-throughput problems experienced by deploying traditional access points (AP's) densely throughout the mine. This technology is commonly known as 'hot spotting'.
Wi-Max provides all the features of meshing but with increased telco-grade availability, allowing higher guaranteed sustained throughput and better support in mobile environments.
Deployments using this technology have far greater coverage than Wi-Fi and are available in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum.
By utilising the latest Wi-Fi / Wi-Max technologies, including Minetec's own product incorporating patented cutting-edge algorithms, it allows us to further enhance our turn key tagging and tracking solutions.
Minetec - Communications Technology for Mines Customised messaging systems for mines 

Minetec can design, install and maintain radio broadcast systems for mine sites.
Minetec have provided customised messaging systems throughout the mining operation. We aim to fill gaps in the industry that can be left with implementation on other products available in today's market.
These have ranged from simple paging systems through to multiple SMS, page and voice alarms for groups like emergency response


groups, lone worker alarms for electrical departments and screen messaging systems for mine production crews.

The systems can differ in alerts, for instance underground miners may prefer a flashing cap lamp whereas above ground miners prefer audible alarms.

Digital and analogue radio systems for mine sites 

Minetec is able to deliver a comprehensive suite of radio systems designed specifically for open pits or underground mine sites. We design, supply, install and maintain a full range of analogue (conventional or trunk) and digital radio systems including Tetra, P25 and DMR.
The majority of Minetec systems installed are digital as this technology offers excellent channel efficiency, new and innovative features, and excellent audio quality in low signal strength areas.
Minetec can help with a cost effective migration plan from analogue to digital, enhancing user functionality and directly benefiting mission critical communications.

Mining camp communication facilities  

Entertainment for mining operations are an important factor in controlling fatigue management, alcohol consumption and simply keeping mine operators and staff comfortable during their stay at the mine.
Minetec can also design, install and maintain radio broadcast systems that provide FM radio stations such as JJJ, ABC and Red FM through the camp facility and mining areas. Minetec can design, supply, install and maintain MATV solutions, IPTV, internet and phone services.
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