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Efficient and reliable dry compressed air for the most demanding applications

Atlas Copco launches 3 new desiccant air dryer ranges.These were designed for efficiency with low pressure drops and delayed dryer cycles. Additionally, high performance and a constant pressure dewpoint -even at full load- are guaranteed under any condition.
Efficient and reliable dry compressed air for the most demanding applications

The new products include 2 ranges of heatless desiccant dryers, the CD 25+-145+ and the CD 110+-300+. The simple design and working principle guarantee reliability of these compact desiccant air dryers, even in harsh conditions. The third new range is the blower purge dryer BD 100+-300+; built for energy-efficiency and endurance.  By using heated ambient air for regeneration, this dryer range keeps the energy cost minimal.

A desiccant air dryer protects your production, equipment and the quality of the end product by using desiccants to adsorb moisture from the compressed air. These 3 new desiccant air dryer ranges are suitable for the most demanding industries and applications like electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, etc.

Superior energy-efficiency

The new CD+-BD+ series are kind to your energy consumption and carbon footprint by minimizing pressure drops* and optimizing the regeneration cycle. 

The pressure dewpoint sensor measures the remaining humidity in the compressed air, detects when the active tower is completely saturated and then switches the functions of the two dryer towers at the optimal moment. Thanks to the Dewpoint Dependent Switching dryer cycles are delayed, resulting in energy savings up to 90% compared to more traditional switching systems.

The CD+ dryers use some of the dried air to regenerate its towers, whereas the BD+ mainly uses ambient air to dry its desiccant. Since the CD+ does not use ambient air, it is also suitable for hazardous conditions. On the other hand, the BD+ blower purge technology allows to downsize both the BD+ desiccant dryer and the compressor compared to a similar installation with the CD+ range; resulting in major energy savings.

High performance under any condition 
High performance under any condition 

While Atlas Copco engineers focused on a simple design for the CD 25+-145+; the robust vessels and galvanized piping with flanged connections of the CD 110+-300+ and BD 100+-300+ guarantee efficient regeneration while minimizing leakages and keeping pressure drops low*.

By monitoring all parameters of the desiccant air dryers with the Elektronikon® controller, a constant pressure dewpoint** down to -70°C/-100°F is guaranteed, even at 100% load. This ensures absolute dry air for high-stake applications such as automatic pharmaceutical processes that require the highest reliability 24/7.

Reliable dry air 
Reliable dry air

Installation and service are simplified thanks to easily accessible internal components, straight-forward installations and the use of durable materials (such as butterfly valves), extending maintenance intervals and minimizing costly production downtime for installation and servicing.

The Elektronikon® controller is equipped with a user friendly interface and navigation system. 
In addition, free online visualization enables remote monitoring, allowing for anticipation of operating and maintenance needs.

Sustainable Productivity 

The new CD+-BD+ series reflect Atlas Copco’s focus on sustainable solutions, increasing energy-efficiency while offering reliable performance for every application.  The 3 new desiccant air dryer ranges; CD 25+-145+, CD 110+-300+ and BD 100+-300+  increase Atlas Copco’s product portfolio, making Atlas Copco capable of offering you the best quality air solution for your compressed air needs.
* The pressure drop of the CD 110+-300+ and BD 100+-300+ ranges drop below 0.2 bar (e)/2.90psig.
** Pressure dewpoint (PDP) à the pressure dewpoint refers to the water content in compressed air. It is the temperature at which water vapor condenses into water at the current working pressure. Low PDP values indicate small amounts of water vapor in the compressed air.

For more information, please contact:  
Roel van den Heuvel, Product Manager Quality Air Solutions
+32 (0)3 870 91 70    

Industrial Air is a division within Atlas Copco's Compressor Technique business area. It develops, manufactures and markets oil-injected and oil-free air compressors, Quality Air solutions and monitoring and connectivity solutions worldwide, under several brands, for all kinds of industries. The division's focus and main drive is to further improve its customers' productivity. The divisional headquarters and main production center are located in Antwerp, Belgium.

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