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Seamless Delivery

The mining industry is looking for a management system that covers every link of the logistics chain, including hidden problem areas.
Like most other industries, the advance of technology has changed the face of mining forever – from the pit face to the purchase of products and their eventual delivery to end users. As technology infiltrates every corner of this business, management and automation systems that can iron out some of the complexities along the logistics chain, from production to supply and delivery, have easily found a place in the technologically advanced mine.
These applications cover a gamut of areas reflecting the sheer diversity and sometimes convoluted processes that are entailed in the commodities industry. All are designed to help operators manage, process and control the flow of information – whether it be measurement and metering solutions, complex analysis or sampling.
Ultimately, the task is simple: get the minerals and ores out of the ground for the lowest cost possible and then sell them to the market at the highest price. But considering the number of people, technologies and unknowns along the way this is easier said than done. Any solution that can help mining companies manage this process and its complexities, has generated great interest, though it is debatable whether such grand systems or software programmes yet exist.
Back-office automation
One company active in this space is Mincom, a global solutions provider specialising in the mining industry that counts most of the largest mining houses among its key customers.

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